G20 Infrastructure Working Group workshop explores the role of infrastructure in the circular economy

Today the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) hosted a workshop for the G20 Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) on the role of infrastructure in the circular economy. The workshop brought together the following experts in circular economy and infrastructure to identify synergies between the two sectors and explore how these opportunities can be implemented across the world:

Fireside chat: Key elements in facilitating a transition to the circular economy

Marie Lam-Frendo, Chief Executive Officer, GI Hub and Andrew Morlet, Chief Executive Officer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Panel 1: Why is infrastructure important in the circular economy?

Panel 2: What is the future of infrastructure under a circular economy?

The interactive workshop was a lively and comprehensive overview of how the circular economy can be a framework for economic growth solutions and highlighted the roles that governments around the world can play to enable circularity in infrastructure.

In discussing the opportunities for sustainable outcomes, GI Hub’s CEO Marie Lam-Frendo noted that “there is room to collaborate internationally to craft innovative solutions around policy and financing and exchange and learn from countries best practices, which we started today at this workshop.”

Earlier this year the IWG identified sustainable infrastructure as one of its priorities under the Italian G20 Presidency, and the circular economy is a topic that will be covered under this agenda.

To support this priority, the GI Hub commenced an initiative to examine the role that infrastructure can play in the transition to a circular economy. As part of this initiative, the GI Hub delivered a thought piece on the role of infrastructure on a circular economy to the IWG membership that formed the basis of today’s workshop discussion. Its next activity is creating a roadmap for infrastructure under a circular economy that will provide high-level guidance on how to transition infrastructure towards a circular economy. This roadmap will be delivered to the IWG in June 2021. 

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