Handwritten Thank You Card is More Powerful than Emails

Technology has changed people’s lives. Today people live on their phones and laptops and communicate through social media. Businesses too use emails to communicate with their customers, shareholders, suppliers, etc. Indeed innovation has dramatically increased the volume of communication.

While sending a thank you note via email might seem fast and easy, the receipt might find it cheap. Your message might get lost in the spam folder or buried amid hundreds of others. Further, the emotional content of your message might be lost or misunderstood.

A handwritten thank you card is an excellent solution to digital communication. A stamped customer appreciation letter is better than email, especially for messages that need special consideration. Here are compelling reasons why you should switch to handwritten thank you cards, notes, etc.

Physical Cards are More Personal

A physical card is more personal, thoughtful, and even artful. On the other hand, emails are impersonal but quicker. A well-crafted personal note is an excellent way to show your customers, family, friends, or others that care about them.

Further, writing a physical card or note takes time; thus, your recipient will appreciate the words and the amount of effort and thought you have put into that interaction.

Handwritten Messages are More Permanent

One advantage of a physical thank you card is that it’s a powerful tool that is easy to read, store and retrieve. Indeed you can stash your thank you card away in a memory box. On the other hand, an electronic thank your card can disappear into the heap of inboxes, especially when you open it or get deleted by mistake. Personal cards and notes tend to be more intimate, and clients appreciate the extra effort you put into crafting the message.

Handwritten Messages are Authentic

Handwritten notes convey genuine feelings and intentions much better than text messages which are edited over and over until they feel inauthentic. Indeed handwritten messages, notes, and cards are not editable; thus, they retain the true intent that you wanted to communicate.

Hand-addressed Cards and Letters Stand Out

Because of technology, the number of stamped handwritten notes and letters has significantly reduced these days. However, people view hand-addressed letters or cards in the mail as important and are unlikely to throw them into the garbage. Therefore the receipt will open the envelope even if they don’t recognize the sender.

You can use a handwritten card or note to remind the receipt of a specific interaction such as a sale, conversation, or donation.

Physical Notes are More Secure

The number of hacked servers and the breach of personal information has grown with digital communications. Also, your email might end up in the wrong receipt’s inbox or the spam folder. Handwritten notes rarely get lost because the post office care for the mail they’re entrusted with. So it’s unlikely that an authorized party will intercept your letter.


Sending handwritten notes and thank you cards convey your message more authentically than emails. So choose your style, ink, and paper color and start crafting your message. Indeed, the options are limitless, and you can find help on the internet on writing artful, professional thank you cards and notes. Your customer and friends will feel cared for and appreciated when they receive your card.


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