Heavy rains, floods cause internet outages in Pakistan

Internet outages in central and northern Pakistan, PTCL says teams working to restore connectivity Internet users in central and northern parts of the country on Friday faced internet outages as the national telecommunication company said heavy rains and floods in various regions had led to faults in the optical fibre optic network.

Heavy rains, floods cause internet outages in Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) is the main provider of internet bandwidth in central and northern Pakistan and millions rely on the service for internet connectivity.“As a result, PTCL users in Northern and Central regions are facing internet outages ,” said PTCL.. The telecom company maintained that its teams were working to restore the services on a priority basis.The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also confirmed the development and added that issues were reported in data networks between “South and North” which had caused internet connectivity issues.The authority said that the issue was being investigated and that the PTA would monitor the situation and share further updates. Widespread internet blackouts were reported in Islamabad and Lahore, where fixed-line broadband users as well as cellular network users reported no connectivity. Internet users in Karachi also complained of connectivity issues on social media. Internet service providers, in their reply, said they have received an update from one of the upstream providers “regarding an outage on long haul due to flooding caused by server weather conditions”. According to PTA, there are 116 million users of 3G and 4G services and 119 million broadband subscribers.

Source: This news is originally published by tribune

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