How To Become A Sales Rep

More than one in ten jobs in the United States are full-time sales jobs. There’s so much to sell, and people are clearly still buying it.

If you are considering going into sales, you’ll find it’s a versatile job that is perfect if you have a persuasive personality and love talking to people.

Yet, there’s a little more to it than that if you want to learn how to become a sales rep and be successful at it.

Keep reading below to learn more.

Job Duties

Before you become a sales rep, you may be wondering where to start.

You must first research the field and job duties it requires to ensure it’s a job that you’d thrive in.

The primary job duties include enticing buyers and businesses to purchase the products that you represent. This often includes providing information, demonstrating products, and addressing all questions.

To be successful, you must have a deep understanding of the products that you are selling. Showing yourself as an expert on the product is perhaps the most important part of the job.

A good chunk of your time will also be dedicated to developing customer leads and then following up on those leads.

Training And Education

Formal education and degrees are not always required when becoming a sales rep. However, earning a degree may give you the upper hand when applying for jobs against other candidates.

If you do go into a degree program, you’ll have classes that focus on consumer behavior, marketing, business, sales management, and psychology.

You can also get training while working in entry-level jobs, such as at various manufacturers and wholesalers. This allows you to get on-the-job training, so you can eventually get promoted or take a better position elsewhere.

Finding Employment

A sales rep can choose to do inside sales or outside sales.

Insides sales focus more on phone calls and don’t have much in-person customer interaction. Outside sales will have you visiting customers personally, which often requires travel.

As stated before, you can work at manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as independent sales agencies. It depends on what type of work you’re looking for, which allows you to tailor this position to you.


Certification is optional for a sales rep, but it can show that you are a  professional in your field, which can open up more employment opportunities.

The main certification that you would get would be from the Manufacturers’ Representatives Education Research Foundation.

To achieve certification, you must complete training and pass certification exams.

Follow This Guide To Learn How To Become A Sales Rep

Learning how to become a sales rep doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some work. Make sure you do some research beforehand to learn the job inside and out.

Find where you can get some training, and enroll in a course if possible. Then, get out there and start selling!

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