How To Boost Your Startup’s Growth Using Instagram?

Instagram is a raging hit among users worldwide. Businesses, regardless of their sizes, are looking for an opportunity to grow on Instagram. After all, the reach and visibility that Instagram offers are just phenomenal.

Instagram is for everyone, and you can leverage its power to grow your startup venture by leaps and bounds with real followers. For that, you have to know a few tricks. Interested? Read on.

In this article, let us explore how you can fuel your startup’s growth using Instagram:

Attention-grabbing landing page:

Your audience must be able to connect with the content on your page. They shouldn’t feel your page is useless. Hence, you have to make the page more scannable, the page should have spectacular visual allure, also it should live up to the audiences’ expectations by delivering the correct call to action.

Everything doesn’t need to be done manually:

You can make use of tools that will schedule your Instagram posts. This way, you can worry less about making timely posts and concentrate more on making your social media campaigns more creative. The bottom line is you can save time and utilize it to help your startup reach new heights. There are tools to filter out fake followers; some guide you to understand the reach and visibility, the level of engagement, and more.

Lead generation by milking the reach of Instagram influencers: 

While it is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to drive the crowd’s attention, you must be careful because you want to collaborate with someone who shows a strong liking for your brand. You have to decide whether to collaborate with a celebrity influencer or a micro-influencer having 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Not all startups can afford celebrity influencers so easily.

Micro-influencers have the ability to impact consumer behavior too. In fact, consumers trust the recommendations made by micro-influencers. Need more leads? Influencer marketing could be the best option you can bank on to build trust and credibility.

Be a part of a trend or create one:

Use the hashtags intuitively. Stick to the trending hashtags that line up perfectly with your brand to get the attention of audiences who will willingly want to connect with you. If you can’t find a trending hashtag relevant to your brand, create one to be used by your followers. It can be a little tricky because you have to really understand the need of your audience to ignite their interest.

Aim at building loyal followers’ list

On Instagram, you need a certain number of followers to unlock benefits. If you have 10K followers, you will be able to include swipe-up links in your stories that can pump up the conversion rate fast enough. For starters, you can buy real followers, or there are ways to gain real followers organically. However, the matter boils down to one simple thing, you must have followers who will engage with your brand. Try to steer clear of fake followers.


Apart from the points mentioned above, you can leverage the power of content generated by your followers by sharing them to better your network and even run paid ad campaigns on Instagram. Instagram is a place where you can let your creativity fly high, learn, grow, and expand your community web.

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