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File Form 8822-B To Notify the IRS

It is extremely important to notify the IRS of your LLC address change. You can do so by filing Form 8822-B, which is used to notify the IRS if you change your business mailing address, business location or the identity of your responsible party. Form 8822-B can be accessed online and is fairly straightforward. If you are also changing your personal address, you can report that address change on Form 8822.

Unlike the Form SS-4 to obtain an EIN, the IRS doesn’t permit online submissions of Form 8822-B. Accordingly, you’ll need to mail a physical copy of the form to the IRS. Make sure to keep a copy of the form for your files as well. For more insights, check out the complete SS-4 instructions or learn how to get an EIN for an LLC.

Notify State Taxing Agencies

Each state is different so check with your state’s taxing agency to determine notification requirements.

Notify Relevant Licensing Agencies

Depending on the LLC’s state and industry, there are likely licensing agencies that will need to be notified of the address change as well. It is important to notify these agencies so that you continue to receive important certifications and license renewal information at the correct LLC address. If you are moving to a different city or county, check to see if you are subject to any local business license requirements. You may also need to cancel local licenses from your old location.

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