How To Find The Best DUI Lawyers 2022 Guide – Forbes Advisor

DUI lawyer fees vary by state, as well as by the complexity of your case. You should make sure to ask for a good faith estimate of the costs you would incur before hiring a DUI attorney.

Contingency fees are not allowed in criminal cases. This means your lawyer cannot make their fees conditional on the outcome of your case. In most situations, you will pay hourly for legal services and will have to put down some money up front as a retainer.

You should remember that legal fees are negotiable, and you will also want to ask about all additional fees you may be charged such as added expenses for expert witnesses. Your entire fee agreement should be detailed in a written contract. If you are not given one, ask for it.

Although understanding DUI lawyer fees is important, you should not choose an attorney based on price alone. If the best DUI lawyers charge a little bit more but help you get a better outcome in your case, paying extra for legal expertise is well worth it.

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