How To Get A Business License In Kansas (2022) – Forbes Advisor

While Kansas doesn’t have a general business license, it does require most businesses to register with the Department of Revenue and complete a business tax application. Many businesses will be required to get a sales tax license if they engage in business in the state and sell or lease tangible property subject to sales tax.

There may also be specific licenses that you must obtain depending on your business type and industry. Many professions, such as nurses, tattoo artists or geologists, must be licensed by the appropriate state board. A variety of other businesses must be licensed by state agencies or by county or city governments.

When Do You Need a Business License in Kansas?

You need to register your business with the Department of Revenue when you start the business. Before you conduct operations, you must complete any licensing requirements. If specific licenses are required for your profession or industry, those must also be obtained before you open your doors.

When it comes to a sales tax license, you’ll need to get one if you have a physical presence in the state or meet the state’s economic nexus for remote sellers, which is a threshold of $100,000 in taxable sales per year.

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