How To Get A Business License In Louisiana (2022) – Forbes Advisor

The primary business license is the resale certificate. This license is obtained from the Department of Revenue through online registration. Most businesses selling products and some that sell services will need this certificate.

Businesses selling alcohol or tobacco need to apply as an alcohol or tobacco retailer. This license allows an establishment to market and sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco to consumers.

To obtain an alcohol or tobacco license, you complete an online application with Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control. Some cities have separate liquor license requirements. Tobacco permits are $25 and alcohol permits are between $145 and $345.

Businesses handling food must have a floor and site plan approved and have one person (owner or employee) who is credentialed through the Food Safety Certification Program. This applies to restaurants, grocery stores, bars, meat markets, seafood markets and bakeries. The permit fee begins at $25.

Many different professions require a license to do business in Louisiana. You can find the list and links to the applications on the site.

There are a variety of other state and federal licenses and permits you may need to obtain based on your industry. Lousiana’s geauxBIZ site allows you to input information about your business and determine what licenses and permits you may need.

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