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Minnesota does not require a general business license. This means that many businesses operate without any special permissions or constraints. However, some businesses do require licensing if the business, profession or industry is more regulated.

A sales and use tax license is one of the most common licenses required in the state. This license is required by businesses selling taxable goods and services in the state. This license is issued by the Department of Revenue and is obtained by registering in the MN e-Services portal and completing the application.

Other types of licenses may be required to render certain services such as medical, cosmetology or insurance services. These are regulated industries where the state seeks to protect consumers by requiring that licensed individuals meet certain standards.

When Do You Need a Business License in Minnesota?

If your business requires a business license, you’ll need to obtain it prior to engaging in business operations—including marketing.

When it comes to a sales tax license, Minnesota requires this if you have a taxable presence in the state or are an out-of-state retailer doing business in the state. A taxable presence includes any business that:

  • Has a physical location in the state
  • Sells products to Minnesota consumers
  • Has 200 or more retail sales shipped to Minnesota in a 12-month period
  • Owns property in Minnesota
  • Has an inventory fulfillment center in the state
  • Has an employee, representative, agent or independent contractor working on behalf of the retailer in Minnesota
  • Has retail sales of more than $100,000 shipped to Minnesota in a 12-month period

Professional licensure often requires study hours and a test before a license can be granted but varies from profession to profession.

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