How To Grab Blog Writing Skills Like A Pro Blogger?

As they say, ‘What does not change with time, falls behind’, something similar is happening in the blogging world too. In today’s time, you should have knowledge of technology along with good writing style. And so it happened, the writers who changed with technology, are today among the top bloggers. And those who could not change work as guest writers for others.

skill of blog writing

Before telling about blog writing, I want to tell you some secrets. Whether you already do writing work or you are about to start. It is equally beneficial in both cases.

Topic Research

Whenever you choose to write a keyword or topic. Many things you may already know about your topic, but there may be some topics that might be completely new to you. Many people make mistakes here, or simply say that their over-belief becomes their enemy. It is wrong for them to think that what they know is all there is to about that topic. And then, with the incomplete knowledge, they write the content.

topic of blog

Problems occur when your opposition researches the entire topic and writes the content. His writing skills may not be as good as yours, yet people will like him, and his article will outreach your blog. The biggest reason for this is people come on blogs for knowledge or information, and people like the articles in which they get more detailed content on the topic. Therefore, before writing any topic, do research on it.

Different writing method

There are many writers in the world and you will get thousands of blogs on a single topic. Everyone has the same objective to give maximum information to the readers. So you have to first understand that you have to become a part of this crowd, or do something unique or different that people start to notice you. Of course we all have to do something different, no one wants to become a part of the crowd.

simple blog writing

The only solution to this is that you have to make a unique writing skill of your own. That as soon as people read, they can very easily understand what is written. You can take Neil Patel as an example. Many of you may already know and follow him. Whenever you read his blog, you will notice something different. Whenever he writes, even the most difficult contents are easily understood. This makes his identity unique in blog writing. And then you also have to keep that unique way in your writing which will take you apart from the crowd.

What’s in it for readers

Whenever writing any blog or book, your objective is to talke it to many people. But have you ever wondered from the reader’s perspective that what their purpose is. Whenever we read blogs, we read for our own benefit and not for the writer’s.

When you write, you have to take special care of it. Unless your readers get some benefit from your blog, they will not read. Now this does not mean giving benefits, you give them some gift. You have to share your suggestions in your blog, which will benefit your readers by using them. If you are writing a blog on a product, then you can tell its qualities and demerits. When your readers buy that product, they can tell it was your blog that helped them make the decision.

Do not deviate from your goal

There is always a goal in your article around which your entire blog revolves. Many times it happens that you forget the main topic in the process of making your blog longer.

target of blog

You should not be focused on making your blog longer. What you have to do is to mention the topic after every 300 words, to remind the reader that what he is reading is related to the same topic. If the reader feels disconnected from the main topic then he leave the blog.

Choose your niche

The way you choose your niche before starting your blog. In the same way, to become a successful writer, you also have to choose a niche. To write any topic, it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge about that topic.

By writing a blog on more than one niche, you do not prove yourself master in any one topic. Whenever you follow a niche, then it gives you two benefits.

1. Your knowledge increases in that topic.

2. Your followers trust you on your mastery.

Engage your readers

Connect, whether in life or in blog is always good. You have to bring this connect in your blog. You have to use words between your content which can create connect between you and your readers.

For this, some words can be used in a regular way. like :

Are you excited to read further?

Has that ever happened to you?

You may not have heard these things?

There are many such words and sentences that you can use to engage the audience. If you want, you can also use some thrilling stories according to your topic.

Making it as easy as possible

Blog writing is an art as I’ve already told you before. Different types of people come to experience your art. Some are very intelligent who understand everything about your content, and there are some who do not understand even a single thing about the topic.

You have to make your writing skill such that even a kid can understand your sentences easily. The best way to do this is to give examples. When you were in school, your teachers used this method to make you understand. Today you have to follow the same way to make you readers understand. Whenever you write a blog and you get a sentence or a word that you believe someone may have difficulty in understanding. You have to tell those sentences either in simple language or use examples to make it understandable.

Read-edit then again read-edit

You blog is not complete until you have read the same 2-3 times yourself. Yes, many people consider this work boring and time consuming. But it is very important to do this, it shows your persistence.

Suppose you wrote a post and there were small mistakes in many places. For example: Some integer marks and some grammatical errors. There are all kinds of readers, some readers watch all these things very closely. He imagines you with all these things and perceives whether you are committed or not. You have to keep these things in mind.

research of blog

When you read your blog for the first time after completing it, you may have to change some words, which you may have missed initially or correct some grammatical mistakes that would have happened. All these small mistakes are not known while writing. Therefore proof reading is necessary for every content writer whether he is small or big.

Hopefully you will follow the points I have mentioned above. See my job is to tell but whether to use it or not depends on you. Let us now talk about how to write a blog correctly. Blog writing is a bit different from all other writing because here you have to take care of SEO.

5 points which are required for blog writing

1. Initial Description

We start from the beginning, the more attractive the title of the blog, the more views will come. Whenever doing some search, the search engine only shows you the title and meta description. The rest of the article comes after clicking on the link. If your title is not attractive, then clicking on your link may likely not happen.

title of blog

Your title should be accurate and the meta description should contain this information. Both should be your main keywords for SEO.

2. Getting Started

When you write a blog, write 300 to 400 words introduction on your topic. This introduction should be clearly written about what you are going to share, and what will be the benefit for your students after reading this. You should not write sentences longer than 1 to 2 lines. Your main keyword for SEO must be among the first 100 words.

intro of blog

3. Table of contents

Table of contents is very important in the blog. The biggest reason for this is the length of the blog. A blog is also 1000 words, and some 4000 words. The table of contents helps the user to locate the topic.

Suppose the user knows starting 2 or 3 point of the blog you wrote. So he would like to skip them and go to the point which he wants to know. Table of contents is very beneficial from the SEO perspective as well, Google reads the table of contents closely and chooses the keyword.

table of content in blog

4. The main part of the blog

Now it comes to the main content of your blog where you share your information. First of all you have to try to make short paragraphs; no one wants to read big sentences. Show as many points as you can. Use sub-heading, place your keyword between sub-heading and content.

Use external and internal links, this will give you a lot of help with SEO. After every 200 or 250 words, use an image or video. Display your keyword in the Alt Text of the image. The image and video should always be related to the point where you have used it.

5. Last sentence

The blogs completion plays a very important role in any blog. This is the summary of your entire 1000 or 2000 words blog. Just as the curiosity to read is created in the beginning, in the end it is necessary to give a summary.

ending of blog

Always try to finish the final sentence within about 100 words. Use your main keyword in it for SEO. Many readers read the end first and when they find it relevant, then they go and read the complete blog. In the end ask for the reader’s review; ask them to share suggestions or question. With this, people will share comments on your blog and will remain engaged.


Hope you learned a lot about content writing now. I may have missed a few points, but whatever I have shared, that is enough to make you a wonderful content writer.

Especially new bloggers who have never written before, I will advise them to follow all the points. By the way, bloggers who are already blogging but use guest posts can also improve their writing skills through this blog.

Thank you!

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