IGP to revamp e-challan system

Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) will revamp the e-challan system to ensure maximum enforcement of traffic laws among the citizens. The decision to this effect came during a meeting held under the chairmanship of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan on Monday.

IGP to revamp e-challan system

The meeting considered various options to further expand the scope of the e-challan system to make it more efficient. The IGP was apprised that consultations with the National Bank of Pakistan were underway to deposit challan fee through various means.m He warned the citizens to register the vehicle in their name at the time of purchase and sale as a fine ticket will be issued to the owner against the name of the vehicle registered. Owners of vehicles that violate traffic rules will be notified through SMS in time, In case of non deposit of challan fee legal action will be taken under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, he added.

The e-challan system was initiated by the (ICTP) in collaboration with the Safe City Project and had been very effective. It was also connected to the Excise and Taxation Office (ETO) as well. Line or lane violations, one-way violations, over-speeding, signal jumping, driving without lights, aggressive driving, excessive exhaust fumes, use of cellphones while driving, and seat belt and helmet violations are among the listed reasons for challans. Motorists get tickets at their residences after the reporting of violations based on the Safe City cameras at multiple locations throughout the city.

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