Inaugural I-Bodies Forum enables sharing of ideas and best practice

This week the Global Infrastructure Hub in partnership with Infrastructure Australia hosted the first meeting of our international forum of infrastructure bodies.

The forum is a small group dedicated to sharing best practice amongst organisations in G20 and other countries that undertake independent, long-term infrastructure planning in their jurisdictions.

The purpose of the forum is to create a platform where I-Bodies from across the world can meet and exchange ideas, experiences and learnings.

Marie Lam-Frendo, CEO at the Global Infrastructure Hub, commenced the meeting by commenting on the importance of infrastructure bodies and a forum for sharing among them: “Globally, in the public policy sphere, the concept of a dedicated, holistic, long-term infrastructure planning organisation is relatively new. But we know that long-term planning for infrastructure is a key element in delivering sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure.”

“While all infrastructure bodies are constituted differently, many of the challenges they face are very similar. For this reason, we have created this Forum to allow for the sharing of best practice amongst those organisations that undertake independent, long-term infrastructure planning in their jurisdictions – both at national and sub-national levels.”

Marie was joined by Romilly Madew, CEO at Infrastructure Australia and Peter Colacino, Chief of Policy and Research at Infrastructure Australia. They presented an insightful presentation on Australia’s COVID-19 response.

We look forward to future meetings of the I-Bodies Forum and the productive exchange.

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