Innovation, Collaboration and Common Prosperity

Last week Maud de Vautibault, Director of Practical Tools and Knowledge at the Global Infrastructure Hub participated in a roundtable discussion with the World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP), to discuss the potential of North American transnational public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects to promote trade and common prosperity in North America.

Maud presented Global Infrastructure Hub’s most recent reference guide, Connectivity Across Borders, and showcased key case studies covered in the guide, including the Gordie Howe Bridge and others.

Maud was joined by a range of guest speakers and experts including Moderator, David Baxter; Oscar A Cortes, VP International FEMCIC; Wayne Collins, Origen FM Services Inc; and Laurie Tannous, Tannous & Associates.

Highlights of the remarks of the speakers are as follows.

  • Mr Cortes explored the outlook for U.S.–Mexico relations under the Biden administration and discussed cross-border PPP units.                                                            
  • Mr Collins looked at Canada’s role in PPPs, with a focus on innovative and collaborative case studies like the Champlain Bridge in Montreal, Quebec.                              
  • Ms Tannous examined the legal constraints of PPPs including the competing and conflicting interests of stakeholders, and how best to overcome these.


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