Is Bizgurukul Real Or Fake?

You may be perplexed as to whether or not Bizgurukul is a hoax. Before plunging into the “learn and earn platform” that is Bizgurukul, you’ll want to understand the company as much as you can.

Be relieved, for you are not alone in this endeavor:

Natural when you invest money or contemplate a future job. You have a lot of uncertainties in your head. These are a little of the extra notable ones:

1. Is Bizgurukul the appropriate choice for me?

2. If Bizgurukul turns out to be a fraud, what will happen to my money?

3. Does Bizgurukul have the makings of an online scam?

4. Is Bizgurukul training worthwhile?

Does Bizgurukul adhere to all applicable laws and regulations?

Don’t panic! They don’t think something like this will ever happen. Bizgurukul has more than 1,00,000 pupils distinguishes it from other educational institutions with enrollments of only 1,000 or 10,000. In other words, the Bizgurukul platform was trusted by more than a million pupils.

Learn More About Bizgurukul’s E-Learning System:

Education platform Bizgurukul believes in giving high-quality education aligned with contemporary technologies. By providing the students with skill-based enhanced learning, practical exposure, real-time tactics, and a robust community network, they aim to assist them in obtaining a competitive advantage in their chosen fields of study.

At Bizgurukul, they provide the students with professional and personal training to ensure a bright future. In addition, the affiliate marketing program teaches students how to become financially independent.

Is Bizgurukul a Safe Place to Visit?

There is no doubt that Bizgurukul is a reputable and safe site. There are four reasons why you should trust the Bizgurukul platform’s integrity.

By the Companies Act 2013, registration number 364024 has been assigned. This proves that Bizgurukul is a legitimate resource you can put your faith in.

One hundred thousand students have already put their trust in Bizgurukul. In addition, you’re aware that the quantity isn’t insignificant and may serve as evidence of a platform’s authenticity.

Bizgurukul has successfully demonstrated its presence on over 15 media channels up to this point

In the first 11 months of its existence, Bigurukul has become a million-dollar company. There is a clear indication of how quickly they adapt to the digital realm. Read about the million-dollar trip here if you’re interested.

There is no hesitation in mentality now.

Yes, of course! You’re a born learner. Now is the moment to sign up for Bizgurukul.

The Truth About Bizgurukul

“Honesty saves everyone’s time” is a well-known phrase. They’re on board with that. So, they never sugarcoat the problem, and they always offer the facts in the form of figures and honest evaluations. In the context of Bizgurukul, what does “honest” mean?

H–Hygienic interaction.

O– They’d like to hear from you.

N– No deceptive or deceptive behavior

E– Ensure the validity of your claims.

It’s time to speak the minds.

Transparency (T)

You’re not alone if you’re suspicious of written testimonials because you believe they include inaccuracies. As a result, you’ll only read evaluations from students who have used the Bizgurukul platform. If you’re still unsure, watch some of the video testimonials. You may find out more about Bizgurukul reviews on the blog, updated frequently. Here’s a look.

bizgurukul refund process

Proof of Bizgurukul’s Earnings

As a result, Bizgurukul’s internet reputation has grown exponentially despite its inability to show its trustworthiness. They provide affiliates up to 70 percent of commissions through the affiliate marketing program. The affiliates are happy with Bizgurukul because they enable them to fly far in the sky and become financially independent at a young age. They constantly desire a life because they help them identify their passion and follow it. 

Obtaining Evidence

“Anyone may earn if he has the determination to spend time and effort,” as stated by Bizgurukul, as proven by the examples above. If you’re one of those willing to put in the time and effort, Bizgurukul is here for you.

Negative aspects of BizGurukul in the Bizgurukul Review

Suppose you’ve purchased their staff to participate in their promotions. Now what? You’ll have to post about their firm on social media every day, and you’ll have to communicate with customers via DM.

Compare yourself to actual affiliate marketers, who upload their work, write excellent content, and promote businesses on their material. You’re acting like an agent on social media, posting just advertising for a single company’s product or service.

Bizgurukul is either real or a hoax, but is it an affiliate marketing program?

Until now, the greatest lie of Bizgurukul has been dispelled: it is an affiliate network that is helping millions of Indians realize their ambitions. 

Promoting products through an affiliate link is referred to as an affiliate program. A person can now earn a commission if someone purchases a product using their referral link. You don’t have to spend anything to join an affiliate program, which is a huge perk.

Bizgurukul, on the other hand, requires you to buy their product before you can join their affiliate network, which is entirely unethical for affiliate programs. Instead, it’s akin to multi-level marketing schemes,

When you join an affiliate program, there is no restriction on joining other affiliate programs; however, this is not the case with Bizgurukul.

An affiliate marketer advertises a product through blogs, social media posts, and email newsletters to their followers. That implies that they have a following or a platform to market their products. There are a lot of grownups dancing around with their fancy things and iPhones and bragging about their earnings as Bizgurukul affiliates. The irony doesn’t end there.

While neither MLM nor Affiliate marketing is inherently unlawful, it begs the question: why would a corporation pass off its marketing efforts as Affiliate marketing?

Profiting from Bizgurukul’s Marketing Programs

After purchasing the product, you may begin generating money with Bizgurukul. It’s all about persuading others via social media posts, tales, and the like. Text random people and invite them to join Bizgurukul over and over again. “You’ll now receive a commission if you refer someone to their course.

You’ll be part of a group of ten people with a single leader when you join their program. The leader of the ten of you earns the most money. The only way to make money now is to bring on more people who will do the same to make money. Network marketing is an excellent example of how to do this!

The most crucial thing is lying. There is nothing improper if you are promoting your items via network marketing. You’ll discover a lot of firms that practice network marketing and don’t spend much on advertising. But it’s not fair to have them join your program by telling them something entirely different.

Why Do They Adore Them?

BizGurukul has two things that they enjoy about it. First and foremost, they want to challenge Indian education and deliver real-world-based information that is much required in today’s society. In addition, they provide a variety of paid training programs for public speaking, writing, and YouTube video development

Concerns of the Bizgurukul

BizGurukul has several flaws that irritate and frustrate users. If you’re already a member, you’re probably aware of these facts; if not, allow me to share them with you.

They are putting themselves out there in an entirely unflattering light. There is a general tone of mockery among their social media marketing staff. What kind of miracle can they expect if everyone quits their employment and enrolls in Bizgurukul?

They expect their affiliates to post daily revenues of between $5 and $6 thousand on social media. Think about what would happen if a billionaire were to do the same.

bizgurukul affiliate commission

People are motivated in the wrong manner by them. What’s the point of showing off an iPhone if you can excite folks with better opportunities? That suggests you have no.

Even when you decline to participate in their program, they still don’t respect your decision. 


So that was the conclusion of the review of Bizgurukul. They hope this gives you a sense of how open they are. If you’re still interested in joining only to make money, go ahead.

However, if you’re hoping to discover new strategies for affiliate marketing, you’re mistaken. To learn more about being an affiliate marketer, read on. That’s when they got you. It’s possible to start a blog or build a website around your blog to attract readers. You may also make a following on social media by posting interesting information.

You may now sign up for famous affiliate programs like Amazon Associates and Flipkart affiliates for free when you have a good following or traffic. You’ll need to employ various methods to connect your referrals and generate prospects. You are not required to promote a particular company and will not be constrained to advertising only for that company.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any recommendations about this subject in the comments section below. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more content.


What is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul is an ed-tech platform. Along with the trendiest, it also delivers courses with skills that are much needed at the present times.

Bizgurukul Courses?

Personality Development, Instagram Mastermind, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Mastermind, Facebook Ads Mastermind, Stock Market Mastery, and many more others.

Is it a Legal Company?

Yes! Bizgurukul is absolutely a legal company. registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

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