Is Nespresso Worth It? Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Have you seen George Clooney famously sipping a cup of steaming coffee from a Nespresso machine? Nespresso coffee machines are very popular throughout the world.

They provide amazing coffee. You have probably enjoyed the coffee from this machine already. And you may also wonder whether your kitchen is complete without this coffee machine.

Those who love coffee drinks will surely look for convenient and fast ways of brewing coffee at home. However, the Nespresso coffee machine costs more than many others.

This raises the question – should I get a Nespresso? Are there enough reasons or advantages for getting a Nespresso, despite its higher cost? To understand this, we need to take a look at what a Nespresso machine is and its advantages.

About Nespresso

A Nespresso is a kitchen appliance that brews a cup of coffee like espresso from coffee pods. The Nespresso coffee machines can be configured slightly differently, but generally, a Nespresso pod will be inserted at the machine’s front side and water needs to be added at the back into a tank.

The water will then be pumped and curled around the heating equipment. Pressure will make the heater water pass through the pod and this will produce the coffee like espresso.

There is a difference between an espresso and a Nespresso machine and the coffee they produce. In espresso, the coffee is produced through force. Under pressure, hot water passes through the compressed coffee grounds. This makes Nespresso machines work much like espressos, especially when the pressure matches.

Why is Nespresso so good? You will get the product like what you find in a good coffee shop – it is great tasting coffee. The pressure of the Nespresso machine can be 15 bars, whereas for espresso it is only 9 bars. This makes a Nespresso machine worth it.

Easy To Use

The Nespresso machine doesn’t just look awesome on your kitchen counter. It has been designed in such a way that it makes it really easy to use.

If you are asking is Nespresso worth it, then you should know that operating this coffee maker is much easier compared to other espresso machines. Those who love making coffee at home will surely appreciate this.

To get a quick cup of coffee, you will just have to insert Nespresso-compatible capsules and then start the process of brewing. Read here to know how you can enjoy your coffee with Nespresso pods ristretto at home.

To enjoy your coffee at home, you don’t have to give a lot of extra effort to controlling or tuning the machine. The Nespresso model is already pre-set to provide a consistent taste quickly.

Most coffee lovers will love how simple it is to operate these devices. The beverage will also be very consistent every time, which makes it a great choice for a coffee-making machine at home.

Traditional espresso machines, by comparison, give you more control over the brewing variables, like grinding the beans, tamping, and issues relating to the extraction.

In some Nespresso models, you will find a built-in milk frother, while in others you need to get a frother separately. So while purchasing, do check whether you need any extra accessories.

Is Nespresso Eco Friendly

Traditionally, it has been believed that the coffee machines that work on pods like the Keurig systems and the Nespresso machine are not good for the environment.

In a study carried out in the UK, it was found that every minute the world produces 39,000 coffee capsules, and out of them, 29,000 end up in landfills. However, this is just one part of the story.

To understand how coffee impacts the environment, it is important to assess the life cycle of coffee-making methods. Detailed studies have looked closely at the different coffee production stages, from how the coffee beans are grown, to how the waste is disposed, of and its impact on water, the ecosystem, and climate change.

Instant coffee gets the most marks here, but capsule coffee too comes as a close second, followed by drip or filter coffee.

The worst environmental impact on water, through the use of fertilizers, and greenhouse gas emissions happen at the site where the coffee is grown. There is less coffee in the capsule and thus, their impact on the environment is also lower.

Also, since 2020, Nespresso capsules have also become more environmentally friendly as the pods are now fully recyclable. Thanks to these eco-friendly Nespresso pods, you can now be sure that your coffee drinks won’t harm the environment. You can thus drink amazing coffee without worry.

Pros And Cons Of Nespresso

Let us now analyze the Nespresso pros and cons to decide are Nespressos worth it? Here are the pros of Nespresso coffee –

  • Convenience – One huge advantage of these coffee machines is that making coffee is very easy. On the other hand, making it in a home espresso machine will need a lot of effort. The espresso required grinding, tamping, and then pulling the shot. Pre-ground espresso-style coffee won’t provide the same result. For the perfect espresso drinks, you need to do a lot of tinkering and tweaking.

Your Nespresso machine is a lot easier to use. Just insert coffee pods, press the button for brewing, and you will have a creamy, thick espresso. Your Nespresso drink will be perfect.

  • Variety – Nespresso machines will help you prepare a variety of beverages, from your normal coffee, morning latte, latte macchiato, and others. There are many flavors you can try with the Nespresso machines. Also, the pods are packaged smartly to ensure that your coffee won’t get stale easily.
  • Taste – The taste from a Nespresso pot will always be consistent.

Now, the cons of making Nespresso coffee –

  • The Cost – Making coffee with Nespresso capsules can be costly because these machines don’t come cheap. Even the cheapest coffee maker will cost about $150.
  • The Pods – You have to buy the capsules for your cup of coffee. Each pod for the Nespresso machine can cost between $0.70 and $0.90, so the monthly expense for your cup of coffee can be between $80 and $120 if you drink 4 cups a day.

Cost Of Nespresso Coffee Machines

There are a variety of Nespresso machines available. The price varies between $500 and $700. There are expensive Nespresso models too that come with additional features. Regular coffee makers don’t cost that much.

The coffee from a Nespresso machine will be costly. If you are asking are Nespresso pods expensive, then the answer can be ‘yes’. Your monthly coffee cost is likely to be high. But the quality of your coffee will be so much better. It will be more convenient as well.

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