Italian Asset Management Industry, Deloitte 2019

JEME is proud to present our research project jointly commissioned by Deloitte Luxembourg and Deloitte Italia, which we would like to thank once again for the opportunity.

The project consisted in the creation of a research paper entitled “The Italian Asset Management industry and the trends impacting its future”. The challenges faced during the six months of the research were many, such as the need to manage a large team and the difficulty in finding relevant data specific to Italy.

Despite this, the feedback was extremely positive. Experts of the sector described the research as insightful since it provided an innovative interpretation of the different trends.

“Based on the data we analyzed, our main conclusion from this report is that people are the central component of Asset Management. This phenomenon is just a natural consequence of demand and supply. The demand needs to be focused on people because people will have lots of different choices of investments, like tech and related fields. People will change as proved by the demography analysis, and it will be necessary to adapt. This phenomenon will also affect the offer, who has to meet the new needs of the market. Incoming Asset managers need to tailor products to their client’s needs and be close to them.”

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