JEME Bocconi Studenti enters into a partnership with ItalyUntold

An important agreement for the promotion of Italian companies and excellences in the world. The international Centro Study Italyuntold and the association JEME Bocconi Studenti sign a cooperation protocol with the common objective to enhance the image of Italy and promote the country system through events, promotion campaigns and training courses.

“A collaboration that we are particularly pleased with because there are many professionals and Italian companies that deserve to be told and become protagonists of the image of Italy in the world,” says Elisa Fenzi, Secretary-General of the ItalyUntold Think Tank.

In fact, given its nature and the environment in which it operates, JEME fully understands the vision of ItalyUntold and the idea of defending the correct image of our country, going beyond the common perceptions and stereotypes. For this reason, it is pleased to have as a partner this innovative company that seeks to share and spread Italian excellence and records.

We are excited to be able to collaborate with a reality like that of ItalyUntold, which spreads and shares the excellences and wonders of Italy in the world. I am convinced that this partnership will bring added value and contribute to the creation of new opportunities for all our members”, Armando Bianchimano, International Manager.

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