Kate Hudson’s Dress-Over-Jeans Look Was Peak 2002—See Pic

Sadly, it is not enough in fashion to just be cute and charming and blonde. One must also wear normal clothes. Alas.

In her look, Hudson is channeling the hippie vibes of Penny Lane, her breakout role in Almost Famous. And 2002 was the year she filmed How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. We were seeing Peak Kate Hudson; her bulb has never shown brighter.

And yet…

What’s frustrating is that if she’d just lost the pants (and the top had a lining) and thrown on some strappy sandals, you’d have a totally cute summer-fall look! See? Look at the next photo and pretend you don’t know there are jeans just out of frame:

KMazur, Getty


Thankfully, Hudson hasn’t lost her taste for sheer garments in the 20 years since this solid attempt at capital-F fashion. In July of this year she paired a sheet turtleneck with wide-leg trousers to create a look that’s equal parts Victorian Witch and Mortician CEO.

And when she’s not mixing and matching materials, she’s…working on an album? The Nine actor announced back in April that she’s recording music, so hopefully a single isn’t too far off. She posted two pictures of herself to Instagram in which she’s being filmed while singing. “Finally realized it’s time to say f#%! it and saaaannngg!!!!! #albumincoming #myikigai,” she wrote alongside the images. Ikigai is the Japanese concept of something that gives your life purpose. Maybe she can attend the 2025 VMAs as a nominee! Or a proud stage mom; we’ll take either.

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