Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs Celebrate the 25th Anniversary Of The Legendary Fendi Baguette

For his homage to New York, Jones has created a collection that, he confesses, is quite different from those he shows in Italy. There is a streetwise wisdom to these New York clothes—sleeveless tees and black-sequined windbreakers—and you cannot help but notice more than a smattering of that particular shade somewhere between sky and aqua, known universally as Tiffany Blue, showing up in everything from a gauzy asymmetrical skirt to a sleek jumpsuit. Jones smiles. “Well, the Tiffany flagship in New York is near the Fendi flagship. They are blue, and Fendi is yellow, so there’s a synergy.”

Believe it or not, Jacobs wasn’t at all sure he wanted to be a part of this lollapalooza when Jones approached him—as it turns out, he’s actually much more comfortable when asking someone to work on a project with him, not the other way around. “At first I wondered, Can I work outside my comfort zone?” Jacobs says. “I tried to think about what Fendi meant to me—I thought back to Karl and the late ’70s, and then I thought about, What is Fendi today? I took a look at what Kim is doing, and the Baguettes, put it all together, and finally I decided to stop overanalyzing it and just have fun with it and see what I could bring to Fendi.”

What he could bring, in addition to runway looks that further explored his recent experiments in proportion, which have consumed his New York runways—those humongous sweaters, those voluptuous trousers—is an unrivaled aesthetic dissertation on the logo. This is a subject Jacobs knows intimately, reaching back to his days at Vuitton. “I thought about what we are doing with bags at Marc Jacobs right now—we have really gotten into logos the last couple of seasons; it’s what people like.” And so he has echoed the typeface decorating his wildly popular “The Tote Bag,” applying it to a purse that now reads “The Baguette” over “Fendi Roma.” “I kind of mixed the two together—it’s a link between Fendi and our own product,” he says. Details of the clothes Jacobs has done for Fendi reference the Baguette as well, with Baguette-shaped pockets adorned with double Fs.

In truth, though, Jacobs’s admiration for the house goes far beyond the Baguette. If Jones claims he remembers every single night on the town, even if they took place 25 years ago, Jacobs confesses that he has only the haziest recollections of crazy bacchanalia with best pals Kate and Naomi—but there is one crystal-clear memory that he holds dear: “When I was 16, I went to Capri with my grandmother,” Jacobs says. “I was hanging out with Egon von Furstenberg and a bunch of other people, and I met Carla Fendi. My eyes were so wide open, I was in heaven. I got to meet a Fendi sister!” 

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