Kim Kardashian Now Has a Millennial Side Part—See Photos

Alert: Kim Kardashian is wearing her hair in side part, proving that the millennial-loved style is cool again. And also that stars really are just like us: They, too, drastically change their hair after breakups (RIP #Kete).

Kim Kardashian debuted her sleek platinum-blonde look in a series of photos on Instagram, along with the caption “Time will always tell.” And we completely agree with you, Kim. Time will always tell…that side parts are, indeed, the superior hair part, regardless of what TikTok teens say.

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton is responsible for the Kardashians star’s new chic look, and shared snapshots from the series to social media, as well. “Ladies it’s officially back—side and part swag,” he wrote alongside the post, proving our point. See? Side parts are back, baby! And seeing as Appleton regularly styles Jennifer Lopez’s hair, we look forward to seeing her hair parted to the side sometime soon.

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Until then, we have plenty of other pro-side-part millennial celebrities to fawn over. Lindsay Lohan sported a side part in what appears to be a bridal selfie just this week, and Megan Fox parted her hair in a side part earlier this summer. 

Meanwhile, Aubrey Plaza has emerged as a bob—and side part and bangs—hairstyle queen over the past few months, meaning the mid-2010s side bang is likely also making its way back into the zeitgeist any day now. We feel our MySpace top eight trembling with excitement.

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