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KORONA is a cloud-based POS system for retail and ticket-based businesses that need tools for completing specialized sales and custom orders. KORONA POS offers its features through the following models.

  • Core: $49 per month, per terminal
  • Advanced: $59 per month, per terminal
  • Plus: $79 per month, per terminal
  • Enterprise: Quote-based

All plans include a product database, customizable dashboard, manager functions, sales, reporting, API access, gift card functionality, core checkout and 24/7 customer support. They also allow unlimited users and sales and 0% transaction fees.

The higher tiers include time tracking and inventory management and reporting. But if you operate multiple stores, you’ll love the Plus tier, with its order-level optimization, multi-store reporting and franchise features. Enterprise further adds ticketing and event management, pre-built integrations and a dedicated account manager. Each plan allows you to add extra modules such as retail, restaurant and franchise modules to your plan.

KORONA POS offers a 30-day free trial on each plan. You can also cancel your paid plans at any time, with a 30-day money-back guarantee on hardware and 60 days for software.

Specific functions of KORONA POS include:

Payment Processing

KORONA has the requisite software, hardware and integration support needed to facilitate various payment styles. The system accepts electronic and in-store payments through credit and debit cards, Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) chips, gift cards and payment processors such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

KORONA POS allows you to structure custom payment plans for larger transactions, and customers can split payments across payment types. And with hardware choices such as desktops, tablets, cash registers with drawers and receipt printers, your customers will make their payments faster.

Inventory Management

KORONA POS offers in-depth inventory management beyond barcode scanning, shipment tracking and vendor management. Based on analyzed and recalculated reorder levels, authorized users will always know your stock level and can set your POS system to place orders when your stock reaches a certain level. Also, you’ll get a catalog of all products, vendors and their performance.

KORONA tracks every cash movement and inventory-related expense so that everything is accounted for and you can attend to discrepancies before it’s too late. Also, you’ll receive alerts about cost changes to determine price adjustments.


KORONA provides a wide range of reports, from KPI to conversion rates, return rates, ABC analysis and journals and tax reports. You can narrow down the reports to products, classes of products, employees, dates or stores. KORONA also allows foot traffic analysis and year-to-year analyses of specified categories.

You can also manage your teams by tracking employee shifts and sales. Access these data from any of your stores through KORONA’s cloud management system and view them as spreadsheets or download as Microsoft Excel or PDF files.

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