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In a world where subscription fees for software products can start to add up, it can be hard to justify paying for the premium version of popular free software. After all, the free version of LastPass is already a top-rated product.

However, there are many things to consider when comparing LastPass Free vs. Premium. At the beginning of 2021, LastPass put some new restrictions on their free offering, making Premium access more appealing for many users. Forbes Advisor has compiled a list of the different features in both the free and paid versions of LastPass so you can determine which is the best fit for you.

LastPass Free vs. Premium: At a Glance


LastPass Free

LastPass Free

Device Access

Limited to desktop or mobile, not both

LastPass Free

Device Access

Limited to desktop or mobile, not both

Pros & Cons

  • Well-polished product at no cost
  • AES 256-bit encryption plus multifactor authentication
  • Includes password generator
  • Only available on one device type
  • No dark web monitoring
  • Can’t share passwords with multiple individuals


LastPass Premium

LastPass Premium
LastPass Premium

Pros & Cons

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Storage space
  • Multiple device integration
  • Pricing tiers can vary widely for little additional bonuses
  • Offers same security level as the Free package

How LastPass Free vs. Premium Stack Up

The monthly cost with Premium is $3, but because LastPass bills 12 months in advance it will cost $36 upfront. The Families package is billed at $48 for the year, or the equivalent of $4 per month. This extra cost allows you access to six licenses for your family.

For businesses, the Teams package is billed at the same rate as the Families plan (per person) but covers up to 50 team members. The Business plan runs $6 per user per month, and larger Site License packages require getting a quote from the sales team.

Some key features that differ between the Free and Premium versions are that with Premium, you get dark web monitoring, multiple device usage and a security dashboard that scores your password security. Paid plans also allow you to give another user one-time access to your vault in case of an emergency. And while the Free plan restricts you from accessing your data on one device type (mobile or desktop), Premium plans allow you to open your vault from any device.

There’s also easier shareability with LastPass Premium, which makes sense as you will have multiple users on the account. Premium plans offer 1 GB of secure file storage and access to email the support team, while the Free plan offers no additional storage nor priority tech support.

What features do these two packages have in common? Security is vital, so all plans offer AES 256-bit encryption, commonly used by governments and banks. All plans offer a multifactor authentication process. LastPass also has a zero-knowledge approach, meaning only you know your master password and they cannot access it.

Part of the reason that LastPass is extremely popular is that it is easy to use, regardless of whether you’re on the free or paid plan. Basic features are included in both, such as unlimited password storage, the ability to store sensitive information, save site login credentials and autofill website logins on available platforms.

Some advanced features of these packages include two-factor authentication (2FA), biometrics, password generator and password auditor.

The bottom line is that both include the basics. When compared to other free product offerings, LastPass Free is better than most on the market. But it does fall short when compared to its Premium counterpart, which features a few more polished attributes.

Exclusive Features of LastPass Premium

LastPass Free and Premium still share a lot of basic features with little to no difference whatsoever. However, the additional features you can access with the Premium package are fairly useful, especially the multiple device access. But what do these extra features do, and do they add value to your needs?

  • One-to-many sharing: If you want to share your login details for another software package or streaming service, you want to ensure that the message is secure. With this Premium feature, you can be sure of that.
  • 1 GB of storage: In the modern world, you want to digitally store sensitive information like your passport, ID, insurance policies and so much more.
  • Security dashboard and score: With the Premium package, you get access to a cybersecurity command center, which will assess your passwords’ security and monitor your accounts for data breaches. This also provides you with a security score, a user-friendly way to gauge if your list is weak and if you’ve reused passwords.
  • Dark web monitoring: As soon as any of your information is compromised from other accounts, you’ll be notified and directed to change your details.
  • Emergency access: If you’re currently in a tight spot (while traveling, for example), you might want to allow someone to remotely access your information. With this feature, you can allow them to securely access all your details.
  • Advanced MFA options: This feature will allow you to take your security to the next level with access to other third-party apps. With multifactor authentication (MFA), you can include more steps to access sensitive information.
  • Personal tech support: While both Free and Premium packages have access to support, you can request personal help with the latter via email.

Bottom Line

With both offerings being so similar, if you’re a single freelancer, entrepreneur or don’t have a family that needs to share logins, the LastPass Free edition will suit your needs perfectly. While single device accessibility is bound to annoy a few, as we said earlier, software subscriptions can add up quickly in the modern world.

If you are a business owner with employees or someone with a large family and want to share credentials with multiple people, then going with a Premium package is perfect for you. See how LastPass compares to the competition in our overall ranking of the best password managers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best password manager?

Several factors go into selecting the best password manager for your specific budget and needs, which is why we created this guide to the best password managers. We considered many aspects when creating the guide, including pricing, ease of use, security, features and functionality.

What if I forget my master password?

With a “zero knowledge” policy, some password managers will find it difficult or impossible to recover your account if you forget your master login credentials. Be sure to understand any necessary steps you would have to take before signing up.

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