Listen to GI Hub’s new podcast and discover new technologies changing the future of infrastructure

Technology can transform the way that infrastructure is planned, built, and used, to create a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future.  

Innovating Infrastructure is a new podcast from the GI Hub that showcases new and emerging technology-based solutions to infrastructure challenges.

Hosted by GI Hub’s Director of Thought Leadership, Monica Bennett the ten-part series delves deep into these solutions to find out how they will create impact towards a more resilient future.

Each episode is a 25-minute interview with one of the top 10 finalists from GI Hub’s InfraChallenge, a global innovation competition that helps start-ups to advance their ideas for more resilient infrastructure.

How can we monitor infrastructure from space? Can technology remove cost barriers to water and sanitation infrastructure? In what ways can data help cities monitor and maintain road infrastructure?

Listen to Innovating Infrastructure and discover technology solutions that are transforming infrastructure for the better. You can find the first three episodes here and subscribe on your favourite podcast app to find out when new episodes are released.

The top 10 finalists featured in this podcast will be competing live at the InfraChallenge 2021 Final on 16 September 2021. Find out more and register for this free event here.

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