Lorena Saravia Mexico Spring 2023 Collection

Lorena Saravia is a master of the art of mixing neutral colors with more energetic, borderline-acid hues, and this season was no exception. Her new collection explored silhouettes (a balloon-shape dress in light cotton served as the perfect example of shape and form), textures, and volumes with pieces that are easily identified as her own designs. Her signature aesthetic was most obvious in the white denim looks paired with her iconic Saravia cowboy boots that walked down the runway this evening. To spice things up, the designer contrasted the bright lights from the city of Oaxaca glistening in the background, with her dressy separates in shocking pink, and sharp blue satin, used most successfully in a tailored suit in sharp blue satin.

It’s quite clear Saravia wanted to challenge herself with this collection. There was no leather, no chunky knits — both a signature of her eponymous brand — just gorgeous, beautifully cut dresses in shades of snowy white or deep black; as well as three-piece sets (that would be a top, skirt, and pants), a bold move to appeal those who enjoy the lady-like vibe a dress grants but also the ease and effortlessness effect a pair of pants creates. An a-line dress in pearl stiff taffeta appeared on the runway and brought with it a subtly chic rock n’ roll mood. Worn with a pair of sunglasses, and the model’s hair pulled back simply, it was a sparkle of uncomplicated glamour that any woman would like to wear.

Most unexpected were a few looks that featured a monarch butterfly pattern, a radical departure from her usual minimalist vision. It seems like with this collection, Saravia is trying to break out from her own world of plain canvases, and stepping into a new zone where the possibilities are endless. The designer knows how to reinvent herself as a creative and a designer, and the Lorena Saravia woman, one with authentic character, is ready for change.

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