Love That For Him: Kevin Bacon, Beyoncé Stan and Devoted Goat Daddy

Does Bacon look like an elder lesbian in his tank top, tight jeans, sunglasses, and trucker hat? Maybe. Is that the root of my fascination with this video? Perhaps. However, I’m also obsessed with the confidence it takes to deliver a rendition of “Heated” to a pair of farm animals. I mean, this is Bey! Who are any of us to cover her? I must admit, though, Bacon is pulling it off.

I must also admit that a familiarity-slash-friendship with goats doesn’t hurt Bacon’s sex appeal, particularly when he lets one of the goats get close to his guitar, telling it, “You played! That was pretty good! I like it, even on a hot day. Hot day, hot summer.” I’m not crying! I’ve never in my life cried at a famous actor dueting with a goat!

I think what I most enjoy about Bacon’s Instagram video is how impromptu it feels. I can just see Bacon’s wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, being like, “Honey, are you sure you want to post that?” and Bacon responding, “Of course,” totally unconcerned with whether or not serenading goats with brand-new Beyoncé songs would seem in keeping with what the world expects from a bona fide movie star. It doesn’t feel like Bacon wants us to think he’s charming—and that is the most charming thing of all. 

Bey response when?! Maybe a tribute video by Jay-Z feat. Blue with special cameos from Rumi and Sir? (It kind of weirds me out that I didn’t have to Google the name of a single member of Beyoncé’s family, but hey, Bacon isn’t the only member of the Beyhive around.)

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