Meet the PhotoVogue Fashion 100!

The overall quality of the submissions to our first Global Open Call has been so extraordinary and with such a wide international representation that the PhotoVogue team and community felt more artists deserved to be recognized, featured and exhibited.

For this reason, as part of the next edition of the PhotoVogue Festival (Milan, 17-20 of November 2022), we have decided to create a video installation which will feature a slideshow of the 100 artists that, among the 3.000 participants, we feel represent the most exciting group of fashion visual makers in the world today.

Here you can see a shorter version of the slideshow that will be presented at the PhotoVogue Festival, where the artist’s complete projects will be featured.

The range of artists, geographic representation as well as the extraordinary creative variety needs to be seen in its entirety as it reflects in a powerful way PhotoVogue’s capacity to build an inclusive and diverse vision with space for all kinds of visual aesthetics: from realist to fantastic, from documentary-inspired to glam and dreamy.

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