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Both Asana and offer free plans, as well as a student program, mobile apps, some offline availability and integrations. Each service works best via desktop or browser because of its wide layout—working on mobile is cumbersome unless doing very basic tasks.

Asana has flat pricing; billed monthly, pay $30.49 for Asana’s Business plan, or $299.88 per year. Its Premium plan is $13.49 per month or $131.88 per year.’s plans run differently; you’ll pay a set price per seat, whether paid monthly or annually. Pro plan costs $16 per seat, per month, if billed annually. Its most popular plan is Standard, which runs $10 per seat, per month, if billed annually. The Basic plan is $8 per seat, per month, if billed annually. If you have a large team, these costs can add up.

Asana allows up to 15 seats with its Free plan, whereas only allows two. Both of its free student plans only apply to students at a university and don’t include teachers, professors or other college personnel.

While both software are relatively easy to use, Asana takes a slight edge thanks to its intuitive design. What hurt Asana’s ranking, though, is its reviews and lack of customer service. To get help, users only have a forum to post questions—there’s no proper way to speak, or chat, with a human in real-time unless it’s about billing or sales. With its virtually non-existent support or customer service, most of its reviews stem from this issue.

Another complaint about Asana is one it shares with—users receive too many emails (both promotional and notification emails, although you can adjust notification settings). Some users also argue Asana isn’t much of a project management tool because it misses budget forecasting, limited reporting and built-in invoicing without using an integration.

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