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Both and Trello have free plans that offer distinct features. Both software has an iOS and Android app. There’s not much overlap between free features, otherwise. Trello gives ten boards, unlimited storage, unlimited cards and custom backgrounds and stickers. With, free plans offer unlimited boards and docs, over 200 templates and up to two team members.

Paid plans start at $5 per user per month and go up to $10 per user per month for Trello (billed annually), and $8 per seat per month up to $16 per seat per month for (billed annually). Both options also offer Enterprise plans. Only Trello provides an upfront estimate on Enterprise plans, whereas you must contact a sales team for pricing with

Both software offer integrations to extend the functionality of your projects. These apps include Slack, Dropbox, Jira and Zapier. Before signing up for either service, check out their list of integrations to see which one provides the apps you need.

Gantt charts provide a way to view project schedules or data, whereas Kanban charts illustrate workflow. While you can technically get Gantt charts with Trello using third-party apps, only offers it natively within the software. The caveat is only offers these charts on its Standard plan, much to users’ frustration as it’s the mid-tier plan.

Each software allows you to set due dates, have Kanban boards and allow guest/client access to projects or tasks. Trello provides unlimited storage with each of its plans—even the free one. On the other hand, has limited storage of up to 100 GB.

One notable issue Trello has is the inability to lock data on its project cards. Let’s illustrate why this is a problem. Say you’re the owner of the project and have assigned a card to a team member. This team member can alter the due date, change checklists and manipulate any other data with the card. Sure, this can happen by accident and have no malicious intent, but it’s still an issue. While Trello recognizes this as a common complaint, it hasn’t provided a solution to issues with user permission.

Trello works great when you only have a handful of projects, but it can get more cumbersome to manage a large volume of them. This is why it’s best to use for larger-scale operations.

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