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Netsmart myUnity is an electronic health records (EHR) software system, with population health management and electronic referral management, designed for healthcare providers to improve post-acute patient care, exchange health information securely with HIEs and maximize revenue. Its EHR workflows are unique to different healthcare organizations, treatments and patients.

Netsmart myUnity claims to go beyond its EHR offerings by optimizing new technologies so that users can optimize care delivery holistically. Providers visiting patient homes can upload files, images and videos electronically, and also send and receive documents in real time. Its technology solutions cover special conditions with high-demand treatments such as autism, psychiatry, development disabilities, addiction and behavioral health.

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Netsmart myUnity lets clinical, administrative and financial teams access the information they need with its purpose-built EHR workflows and makes it easier for the entire organization to carry out value-based whole-person care by streamlining processes. Besides offering general features with its EHR system for billing, practice management, e-prescriptions, patient portal, telehealth and appointment scheduling, it also advances to give solutions for third-party software integrations, messaging capabilities and reporting dashboard free of cost.

Netsmart myUnity EHR platforms are designed to keep various treatments and care settings in mind. Its myAvatar EHR is for organizations specializing in behavioral health and addiction treatment services. Inpatient and outpatient care can be conducted smoothly with Netsmart myUnity’s exhaustive role-centric features that support clinicians, representatives, accounts and executive management teams effectively.

Its ONC-certified EHR, myEvolv, works best for physicians and institutions that focus on families and child healthcare. Users have the ability to see individual records from anywhere, any time with its easy-to-use evaluation tools. It’s myEvolvAM EHR is built for facilitating all kinds of addiction recovery treatments. Its medication-assisted treatment (MAT) model incorporates various integrated tools such as e-prescribing, dispensing and ordering of medications, automated inventory updates, client registration and tracking with upgraded safety.

Public health agencies in physical and mental healthcare can leverage myInsight, a web-based EHR solution that simplifies public health issues. It comes with different clinical, operational and financial management features that simplify the Medicaid billing process, allow risk-free data exchange with HIEs and help maintain confidentiality.

If you’re a doctor or an organization that serves elderly people, then you can opt for myUnity senior living. Its purpose is to streamline processes not just within the organization but also with other establishments catering to the same patient, and it also includes integrated electronic referral management. Both myUnity home care and myUnity palliative care offer software solutions to lessen the complexities of home healthcare delivery and allow providers to participate in quality payment programs.

Netsmart myUnity’s EHR platforms are fueled by speed, adaptability and comprehensive digitization to level up the success rate of hospices, private entities and palliative care organizations. It doesn’t offer a free plan or a free trial but you can request a demo for a particular EHR you’re interested in. To receive a quote on its base price and monthly/yearly plans, customers should contact Netsmart myUnity directly.

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