NordVPN Vs Surfshark (2022 Comparison) – Forbes Advisor

NordVPN dedicated IP allows you to access IP-restricted networks while still maintaining your privacy. The dedicated IP costs $5.83 extra per month (or $70 per year).

NordVPN also offers NordLayer, which provides internet privacy for companies and businesses. NordLayer makes it easy to manage and maintain the privacy of all the account members of your team. For an additional cost, NordVPN also offers a password manager called NordPass and NordLocker, a feature that gives you the ability to encrypt your files on your computer or cloud.

Both NordVPN and Surfshark come with a bypasser feature that makes it easy to whitelist the websites you need to access and are not able to with a VPN (an online bank, for example). This feature means you don’t have to keep connecting and disconnecting your VPN every time you want to check your bank account’s balance.

NordVPN and Surfshark both come with a kill switch, which automatically disconnects your internet connection when your device is not connected to the VPN, ensuring your privacy is not compromised. For an extra layer of security, and to ensure there is truly no way for your internet IP address to be exposed, NordVPN and Shurfshark also come with the option of configuring your VPN directly onto your router. This will ensure an automatic connection to your VPN when you use your router so that you do not have to connect to your VPN every time you go online. To set this up, you’ll want to first ensure your router is compatible with either company or install a third-party firmware to allow for the setup. You can follow the instructions for Surfshark here or NordVPN here.

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