Olive Uniacke Wore Hot-Pink Couture and Molly Goddard Taffeta for Her London Wedding

While planning their summer wedding in London, Olive Uniacke and her now-husband Dane Ensley had seven “musts” in mind. “Number one: walk down the aisle together,” the bride tells Vogue. “Number two: no sit-down dinner. Number three: no phones. Number four: keep everything a secret from everyone. Number five: constant excitement. Number six: provide the best DJs and music—better than anyone has ever heard in a club. And finally, number seven: supply guests with everything they could need so they never have to leave,” Olive adds. “We wanted to do everything as untraditionally as possible.”

“Connecting people is a part of both of our jobs—me as an agent, and Dane as a mental health specialist—and I like to believe we are pretty good at it,” says the former film producer, who lives with Dane in L.A. “We just couldn’t wait for our wedding weekend, we were so excited to see our different groups of friends come together. Half the wedding party travelled from America and we were just so touched. It was such an incredible night, filled with people who mean so much to us both.”

Olive is an agent for WME, with clients including Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange), Riz Ahmed, Tessa Thompson, Mustafa The Poet and Oscar Isaac, as well as creators, directors and producers from all over the world. She met Dane, the founder of Reconstruction Unlimited—a company that designs therapeutic ecosystems tailored for those affected by mental illness, substance abuse disorders and behavioral issues—in 2015, at a dinner hosted by her maid of honor, Gala Gordon. 

Dane reportedly played it cool, tempting Olive to “trick him” into having dinner with her the following evening. He was under the impression they would be dining with a group of friends, when in fact it was just the two of them. (To this day, he maintains he had no idea what was afoot.) A long-distance relationship ensued, with the couple flitting between London and New York (their respective homes at the time), Dubai (where Dane was working with a client when they first met), or “wherever they could see each other” in the early days of their romance, before they eventually started their life together in Dane’s native Los Angeles. 

The subject of marriage cropped up in conversation last year, over a takeout and a game of backgammon, prompting Dane to confess that he’d been planning to propose. When the game ended he popped the question and revealed he had managed to track down a 1930s French tank ring that Olive had swooned over in a vintage jewelry shop in Japan two years earlier. “He was paying closer attention than he let on,” Olive says now. “I had a picture of me wearing it on my phone.” They resolved to keep their happy news a secret until the ring arrived—and they were both in L.A. to open the package together—and it was several weeks before they told friends and family about their engagement. 

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