Out East, Renna Jewels Launched a Whimsical Collection Inspired by the Sea

Renna Jewels is beloved for its transformative, imaginative take on the sea. To debut her latest collection, founder and designer Renna Brown-Taher hosted a glorious cocktail hour on the beach followed by an intimate dinner with a summer breeze.

A native of Southern California, Brown-Taher has been infatuated with the ocean’s small treasures since she was a little girl. “One day, my mother took me hunting for coffee bean shells, which are extremely hard to find,” Brown-Taher explained to her dinner guests. “We ended up finding two shells after a day’s search and, I didn’t know it at the time, but my mother kept these shells in a safety deposit box until the day of my graduation when she presented me with a bracelet made with the two shells she saved all that time.”

Today as a certified gemologist with a master’s degree from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Brown-Taher champions her mother’s sentimental gift by designing her own line of conscientious jewelry made from 100% recycled 18-karat gold in New York.

Naturally, her latest collection was unveiled exclusively to Vogue and Brown-Taher’s closest friends at Montauk’s famed venue, Crow’s Nest. As the afternoon sun stretched over the waterfront restaurant, Brown-Taher welcomed guests, many of whom were outfitted in signature Renna Jewel designs, to toast the release of her magnificent new pieces. Fellow female founders and designers Sally LaPointe and Suzie Kondi joined the revelry.

On antique farm tables, Missi Flowers created a heavenly summer tablescape. The exuberant array of wildflowers echoed the jewelry’s whimsical DNA. Sipping watermelon coolers and spicy margaritas, attendees admired the gems on display before a seasonal feast. For starters, guests enjoyed a decadent mezze platter and whipped ricotta followed by a summer Bucatini pasta, chicken kebabs, and fresh halibut.

From the views of Montauk Bay on the beach to the seaside-inspired accents, the evening served as an East Coast homecoming for Brown-Taher. While the brand began with the cherished coffee bean shell bracelet, Brown-Taher has created a future for the ocean’s heirlooms and beyond to be treasured for years to come.

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