Overview of Transformative Outcomes Through Infrastructure

What transformative outcomes can infrastructure achieve?

The pandemic has resulted in the highest ever government debts and increased social inequalities, including inequalities in access to the public services enabled by infrastructure. Investment in infrastructure as a stimulus creates an opportunity to achieve economic development outcomes such as job creation and economic growth while also advancing sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience.

The GI Hub examined 13 transformative outcomes that were observed in the G20’s infrastructure as a stimulus announcements. These outcomes were grouped into six categories: environmental sustainability, inclusivity, resilience, digital / infrastructure technology (InfraTech), research and development, and economic development. Note that one transformative outcome (digital connectivity) falls under two categories.

The table below shows the transformative outcomes with examples of infrastructure that achieves these outcomes. For the analyses of infrastructure as a stimulus packages presented in this initiative, the GI Hub classified stimulus packages according to the transformative outcomes they are likely targeting. Some stimulus announcements were found to target more than one transformative outcome. All infrastructure as a stimulus achieves economic development outcomes, including job creation and economic growth.

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