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As a cloud-based unified communications system, Intermedia Unite streamlines and improves business communications and customer experiences. The company’s technology enables you to connect with your customer by phone, chat and video from your laptop and to fully integrate your communications. The Unite Mobile App will also let you easily switch your workspace to any smartphone so you can take your work and communications on the go. Through a team chat interface, you’ll be able to communicate with coworkers in a group or individual chat and the file management feature allows you to easily share files with your team and collaborate on them.


Intermedia Unite comes with a 30-day free trial, so you can make sure the product suits you before committing. The chart below breaks down Intermedia Unite’s two main plans, and what you’ll receive with each.

Intermedia Unite’s video conferencing can be purchased as a separate service, starting for free (when there are four participants or less) to $17.99 for the Enterprise plan (for up to 200 web participants). The video conferencing feature allows you to brand meetings with your company logo and a personalized background and automatically send participants the meeting notes.

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