QuickBooks For Mac Review – Forbes Advisor

There are two ways that you can purchase QuickBooks for Mac. You can purchase a desktop version with an annual licensing fee of $349.99 per year or get the online cloud version for $15.50 per month.

With the desktop version, you’ll need to access the latest version with new features and security patches via downloaded updates, making this a less secure version than the QuickBooks Online version. Customize invoices, sales receipts, estimates and statements. Organize your expenses so that you are ready for tax season with everything categorized properly for your accountant. For an added fee, you can add payroll to the online subscription plan.

The online version gives you the option to use the mobile app to help save time and keep things up-to-date more frequently. Information is backed up into the cloud automatically, so you don’t need to think about what data recovery will look like if your system gets hacked or has a problem. QuickBooks for Mac Online also syncs bank transactions automatically, categorizing them so that you don’t have to spend extra time doing it.

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