SECP enables WeChat service for Chinese investors

ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) became the first regulatory body and public sector organisation on Tuesday to launch the WeChat service. 

This will facilitate Chinese investors in making informed decisions about investment, and register companies in Pakistan with ease. With the use of WeChat, users can have quick access to information from the SECP personnel about name availability and company incorporation in the Mandarin language. 

This initiative is in line with SECP’s aim to work towards digital transformation and, hence, enhance user experience. 

WeChat is widely used in many jurisdictions, including Singapore, Malaysia and, recently, in Europe and South America as well. It allows the exchange of messages, images and documents, and enables quick transactions. It can be accessed at any time; the number 03069365625 or WeChat ID ‘SECPAK’ can directly connect with a SECP facilitation officer.

It is now essential to enable effective communication systems with China, as it is one of Pakistan’s top trading partners as well as a rising global power.

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