See Prince George’s Official Ninth Birthday Portrait

It has become a sweet tradition for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark their children’s birthdays with a new royal portrait. Next in line is Prince George, who turns 9 on July 22, and looks suitably chipper about his big day.

In the photo, captured by keen amateur photographer Kate while the family was holidaying in the UK earlier this month, George flashes his trademark smile at his mother. You’ll remember that gap-toothed grin from the Jubilee celebrations when he sang along to Rod Stewart’s rendition of “Sweet Caroline” during the Party at the Palace. Along with the Queen’s skit with Paddington Bear, it was one of the highlights of the televised celebration.

How does a young royal celebrate their ninth birthday? As well as photos and (we assume) a playlist by Neil Diamond—the original singer of the 1969 smash hit—there will be cake: The Duchess previously told Mary Berry that she’s the baking enthusiast in the household. “It’s become a bit of a tradition that I sort of stay up until midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing,” said Kate. “I make far too much, but I love it.”

There is, as George shows, a lot to smile about. Having recently attended his first Wimbledon—a special “treat,” according to his parents—and with school out for summer, it’s a very happy birthday for this prince indeed.

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