Software for 7th Digital Population Census Inaugurated

Secretary Planning Syed Zafar Ali Shah Friday inaugurated the software for the 7th Population and Housing Census 2022, as the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), ramps up preparation for the first-ever Digital Population and Housing Census.

Software for 7th Digital Population Census Inaugurated

During his visit to PBS, the secretary was briefed about data dissemination dashboards especially, price information management system (PIMS). The listing and enumeration applications of the 7th Population and Housing Census 2022 were also displayed. While addressing the PBS staff, Shah emphasized that good leadership, efficient team, and vigilance at the operating level can be beneficial for an organization’s development. Earlier, Chief Statistician Dr. Naeem uz Zafar welcomed the secretary on behalf of PBS staff. He informed him that the data collection exercise for the pilot census has been started by PBS field staff for testing the tools, mechanism, and field operations. Through this exercise, PBS will be able to point out and rectify all minor and major issues regarding software and field execution plans before undergoing full rollout.

Software for 7th Digital Population Census Inaugurated , Member (RM/SS) Sarwar Gondal in his presentation on the census, informed that with the approval of the results of the 6th census by the Council of Common Interest (CCI), it was advised to conduct next census immediately by using latest tools and technologies and following world’s best practices. It was also recommended that for wider acceptability of census results, all the stakeholders must be part of the census process from planning to finalization and dissemination of results through an effective communication strategy.

A census monitoring committee comprising important provincial functionaries, researchers, and demographers was constituted to monitor all activities of the population census. Geo-tagging, data collection and listing software, and standardized concepts of field force through extensive training and real-time monitoring are the innovations recommended by the census monitoring committee for reliability, acceptability, and reducing the time between field operation and results announcements. Member National Accounts Syed Ejaz Ali Shah Wasti gave an overview of the system of National Accounts, prices, macro-economic statistics, public sector development projects (PSDP), and compilation of National Accounts. He also discussed National Price Monitoring Committee, its composition, and its functions. Shah appreciated the efforts of the leadership and supporting officers of PBS and showed keen interest in both fields. He said that both activities are crucial for policymaking and planning. He showed satisfaction over the preparations of PBS for the upcoming census.

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