Stocktake of InfraTech Use Cases


Technologies represented in the use case library, across sectors and project phases or stages

The GI Hub InfraTech Use Case Library covers a diverse range of applications for technology in the transport, energy, water and waste sectors and across the infrastructure project life cycle – from  strategy and planning through to renewal and disposal.

Sensors, IoT, analytics and AI are technology types that feature prominently in the library across all sectors and stages. This is unsurprising given that these technologies are typically interdependent across the digital value chain.

Among use cases analysed in this stocktake, more than 70% are in the operations and maintenance stage. This trend is observed across all sectors.

Geographic and sector coverage of the use cases 

In total, 65 use cases in the transport, waste, water and energy sectors have been developed and analysed. From among these 65 use cases, more than 130 technology-specific case study examples are providedcovering more than 40 countries across all major global regions. This use case library also encompasses high and low-cost options and applications in both developed and developing countries. 

Technology types in the use case library 

The GI Hub InfraTech Use Case Library contains use cases for a diverse range of applications. These cover the transport, energy, water and waste sectors and the infrastructure project lifecycle from strategy and planning through to renewal and disposal. 

To create value for the end users, digital technologies would typically form part of a digital value chain, from data capture (using sensors) through to correlation and action (using analytics and artificial intelligence [AI]). The heat map below shows the interdependencies between different technology types across this value chain, among use cases contained within the library. As can be seen, sensors, internet of things (IoT), analytics and AI feature most prominently in the library, which is unsurprising given that these technology types are critical requirements for most digital technology value chains.   

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