Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Brought Lena Dunham Along for Their NYC Date Night

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are currently in New York City ahead of the MTV  Video Music Awards, and they’re making time to see friends.

On August 24, the Daily Mail published photos of the couple leaving the private members club Casa Cipriani in NYC earlier in the week. The pair were joined by Girls creator Lena Dunham, one of the holdovers from Swift’s highly publicized Girl Squad era. 

In the photos (which can be seen here), Swift is wearing a sweet floral sundress with buttons along the side while Alywn complements his girlfriend (and rumored fiancé) in a white button-up. Dunham can be seen in a gray top and layered gold jewelry.

Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham have been friends for many years and remain close confidants when it comes to their work and private lives. While Dunham was included in Swift’s 1989 tour and featured in her “Bad Blood” music video, Swift was a bridesmaid in Dunham’s 2021 wedding. In January 2022, Swift and Alwyn both received a special thank-you in the end credits of Dunham’s film Sharp Stick.

“They are just really great friends of mine who watched a really early cut of the film and gave me notes,” Dunham said in an IMDB interview. “They’re both just really interesting, perceptive people. Taylor’s been one of my close friends for a really long time and Joe is an actor who I actually ended up working with on a project that I shot just a few months after this.”


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In 2019, Swift opened up about letting go of some members of her “squad” in a personal essay for Elle. “Something about ’We’re in our young twenties!’ hurls people together into groups that can feel like your chosen family,” she wrote. “And maybe they will be for the rest of your life. Or maybe they’ll just be your comrades for an important phase, but not forever. It’s sad but sometimes when you grow, you outgrow relationships. You may leave behind friendships along the way, but you’ll always keep the memories.”

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