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A business entity is a catch-all term for an official business registered with the state of Texas. A sole proprietorship, LLC and corporation are all examples of business entities.

Starting a Business in Texas

Registering a business in the state of Texas means submitting paperwork with the Texas Chamber of Commerce. If you’re starting a sole proprietorship and don’t plan on scaling up, you won’t have to start filing paperwork with the state. However, if you plan on hiring employees or securing space, you’ll have to form an official business entity with the state.

Forming an LLC in Texas

An LLC is a limited liability company and is a very common type of business entity in Texas. To form an LLC in Texas, you have to pick a unique name with LLC in the title that is not already being used in Texas.

The two forms you need to register an LLC require filing fees of $300 and $750. You also need a registered agent in the state of Texas to receive legal and business documentation on your behalf.

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