The 9 Best Running Shoes, According To Experts

If you’ve ever unboxed a fresh pair of running shoes, you know the feeling of that first run in new kicks. The first time I strayed from an old and trusty pair that I had been wearing ever since I first started running, I fell in love at first stride. Remembering this moment inspired me to think about some of my favorite running enthusiasts and wonder what they might be wearing at this moment.

I am very new to running and cling to the treadmill, not ready to run outdoors yet. I rarely make it past the 3-mile mark but the experts I’ve chosen have run everything from 5ks to marathons so I am very interested in learning from the pros who are truly going the distance. As regulars on the track, treadmill, or running trail most of the runners featured here have been through dozens of styles. However, according to them, these 9 running shoes are the absolute best.

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