The All Time Office Stationery Items List For New Businesses

Your office personnel and employees can operate more effectively with the aid of office supplies. An office stationery items list is always needed to make it easier for the staff to do their duties. The quantity of these stationery products required for the business can be determined based on the size of the office.

The fundamental office stationery categories needed for the typical office needs include mail supplies, computer supplies, printer supplies, presentation supplies, cutting stationery, and general stationery. These categories also cover a wide range of stationery products. Here we will be discussing the most important and practical solutions relevant to all businesses.



Office Stationery Items List

Let’s examine the most relevant office stationery items list for your business.

1. Computer Supplies

Computer supplies are among the most common office stationery goods in any office stationery items list. It includes things like pen drives, cleaning tools, and blank media discs. Also, computer supplies come in two varieties: recordable and rewritable. DVDs are typically used to contain software, computer files, and video programs.

The cleaning kit is used to clean screens on computers, LCD televisions, tablets, cameras, mobile phones, and other devices. There is also an organic gel solution, a brush, and a microfiber towel included. Pen-drives are small storage devices that look like pens and connect to PCs via USB connections. It is used to transmit and save data files and folders.


2. File and folder Accessories

File and folder accessories are typically used to gather and arrange papers, reports, and other documents in one location. Some of the file and folder accessories include file boxes, file folders, pocket files, file labels, ring binders, and index dividers. Office-appropriate file and folder types also include clip files, ledge files, conference files, display files, document folders, paper file folders, etc.


3. A4 Size and Photocopier Paper

office stationery items list

A4-sized sheets work with all types of photocopying equipment. It is mostly used to print newspapers, text, advertising, and promotional materials. Generally speaking, it is jam-free and thinner than printer paper. Paper is also affordable and simple to use. The standard size of A4 paper is 210 x 297 millimeters, or 8 x 11 inches. It is portable and appropriate for a variety of workplace uses.


4. Tapes & Scissors

The tape’s backing is made of BOPP or matte BOPP. This has been coated in a water-based acrylic adhesive and then formed into short rolls. A more advanced version of easy-tear tape is also available. Moreover, Specially designed tape edges on both sides make it simple for people to readily tear the tapes with their hands. There are many different types of tape, including specialist types, double-sided, white, very clear, and transparent.

Scissors have a variety of blade types that can be used for shallow snips, deep, extra-long cuts, and other cutting tasks. An all-purpose scissor is a great choice for an office setting. For precision cutting, micro-tip scissors also have extra-fine, pointed blades.


5. Writing and Correction Pen & Holder

Pencils and paper are still required in today’s environment for a variety of jobs. Office supplies include fountain pens, markers, pencils, pens, and sketch pens. It is available in a variety of hues, sizes, patterns, and brands. You can use a correction pen to correct the error using white ink.

The ballpoint pen is one of the most popular office supplies that are simple to use and write well. Fountain pens have a metal body, a point of nib, and an ink filling system. Typically, they are employed for calligraphy writing. Permanent and non-permanent marker pens are available. There are various color variations of these indicators.


6. Printer Cartridges

Toner and ink cartridges are the two types of cartridges used to produce high-quality text and images. Toner cartridges are also used to make copies of images without compromising the charged ions. The printer cartridge’s printhead is made up of four parts: a nozzle plate, a cover plate, an ink chamber, and a resistor.


7. Punching Machines

Two-hole, eyelet/rivet, slot type, single hole, and electric hole punching machines are used to punch holes in paper and put the documents together in files. Punching machines typically come in single, double, and triple hole configurations. The heavy-duty punches are also able to puncture 300 sheets of paper at once. Paper punches that are powered by electricity are easy to use and incredibly accurate. It uses batteries for electricity and an internal motor for automatic punching.


8. Highlighters

It is used to draw attention to key passages in documents, books, or files. Highlighters are available in bright color tones to classify the concepts in the subject matter. It also has a chisel, blade, liquid pen, and other types of tips. Moreover, the highlighter’s retractable tip keeps the tip from drying out. It works with all types of papers that are available as single pieces or multipacks. Its attributes include bright color hues, odorless ink, and quick drying.


9. Staplers and Staples

Staplers are used to compile the documents by stapling the documents together. Basically, it is utilized to secure paper pages. Saddle staplers come in manual, electric, and pneumatic varieties. The heavy-duty type of machine can also staple up to 100 pages at once, compared to the desktop stapler’s capacity of roughly 70 pages. Electric staplers can punch through thicker stacks of paper and are more forceful and quicker than manual ones.


10. Presentation Supplies

office stationery items list

Presentation supplies include things like markers, erasers, and whiteboards. Cleaning wipes, refill eraser pads, and flipchart pads are other additional equipment needed in the presentation area. The reusable whiteboard is also the quick, easy, and immediate answer for sharing ideas with your team.

Professionals, trainers, and participants can also use it in both short-term and long-term projects. Markers are brightly colored nozzle pens that resemble sketching implements. They are also used to jot down ideas on whiteboards in order to explain topics. Erasers are dusters or wipes that are used to remove the written area of the board so that it can be reused in the future.


11. Calculators

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It is used to calculate both simple and complex calculations in an accessible and convenient style. Simple display calculators are portable and easy to use. The printing feature and other functions appropriate for business operations are also included with the specialized calculators.

A financial calculator is useful for handling complex business models and financial operations. A scientific calculator can compute mathematical, scientific, and biological concepts. A graphing calculator can solve complex mathematical problems in geometry and trigonometry.


12. Packs and Pouches

Packs and pouches’ primary purpose is to enhance and safeguard papers through the application of a high-quality laminating cover. It is also perfect for keeping various notices and teaching materials documents. These pouches have a strong, glossy appearance and a high plastic content. There are also available in numerous thicknesses and sizes.


13. Presentation Supplies

Price markers, stamps, stamp pads, and other items fall within the category of stamps and stamp materials. A symbol must be used to validate the paper. Office work involves the employment of stamps made of wax, leather, rubber, notary, money, or environmentally friendly materials. Stamp pad ink is frequently water-based and refillable, and it also comes in a strong plastic case.


14. Diaries

People use diaries to record forthcoming meetings as well as significant work-related tasks and events. The learning experiences from conferences or training sessions are also recorded in diaries. It is also used to store information like postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Users can use diaries to record the financial outlay for their businesses. It is usually used to express thoughts and ideas verbally and record them in a journal for later use.


15. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are used to store essential information and to write down working ideas. They come in a variety of hues and dimensions. They also make it easy to mark and stick data. Sticky notes are also simple to relocate close to your cubicle. Notes can help you organize, reference, and index your workplace activities.


Final Words

office stationery items list

As discussed above, office supplies mentioned in this office stationery items list help increase the efficacy and efficiency of workplace procedures. Things, when positioned in convenient office space locations, also bring greater value to the system.



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