The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

These stunning celebrity engagement rings prove that a diamond—if not a marriage—is forever. But engagement rings haven’t always been all about the diamond: Roman brides were given a gold ring to wear in public and an iron ring to wear at home. In the 1700s, simple poesy rings were popular in Europe, while in New England, Puritan men—shunning frivolous rings—were thought to have given thimbles to their betrothed (though women often cut off the tops and wore them as rings anyway). Fast-forward to 1947 when De Beers released its famous slogan, “A diamond is forever.” The rest is history. Now we have everything from Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton (though it was just a gift, not an engagement bauble) to Meghan Markle’s ring with stones from Princess Diana’s private collection, to Hailey Bieber’s sparkling oval from Justin. Below, ring inspiration galore from some of the dazzling gems sported by stars, royalty, and socialites.

1. Hailey Baldwin Bieber

The fiancé: Justin Bieber
The ring: A six to 10 carat oval diamond by Solow & Co.
The proposal: July 2018
The marriage: September 2019

Photo: Getty Images

2. Jennifer Lopez

The fiancé: Ben Affleck
The ring: An 8.5 green diamond ring designed by Rahaminov Diamonds with a gem sourced by Beverly Hills Diamonds
The proposal: April 2022
The marriage: August 2022

Photo: Instagram / @jlo

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