These 30 Nordstrom Home Items Are Too Good To Pass Up

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences ever, especially in New York City. For the past two years I have lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a neighborhood that has completely stolen my heart. But after my two years as a Brooklyn girl it was time to move closer to my job, where I attend events, where I go out to eat, and where the majority of my friends live, so I moved to Manhattan. I’m now a Soho girl and have lived in my new apartment / neighborhood for just under a month, and while moving can be a stressor it also symbolizes a new beginning. No me, nothing makes me feel like I am going into a new chapter in my life like moving does. As far as being a Soho girl goes, I’m loving it. I feel like I really live in the middle of the action and getting around is so much more convenient for me. The apartment on the other hand, needs a little TLC. 

I love home decor almost as much as fashion so I want to curate a space that reflects my style as much as my wardrobe does. Turning a house into a home, or in my case a small New York City apartment into a home, takes a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail. Every little vase, picture frame, chic candle, piece of wall art, addition to the bar cart, plays a role in making your place feel like you. As someone who shops at Nordstrom for basically everything, the retailer was on the top of my list when looking for home decor pieces to help add a little style to my new place and kick off the months long journey of getting my apartment feeling like me. 

Keep scrolling to see which Nordstrom home decor items are in my cart right now.

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