TikTok Star Avani Gregg Relies on This $14 Cleanser

Do you just want to start off by telling me about your partnership with CeraVe and how it kind of came together?

I’m really excited for this partnership, honestly, because I’ve been using CeraVe for like a really long time. It was probably my first skincare product that I used. And to this day, I’m still using it. It’s really exciting to be able to promote and be with a brand that I actually genuinely love.

Why is skincare important to you?

Skincare has always been important to me because I was a gymnast from a very young age to a couple of years ago. It’s not that clean in the gym. You’re always touching your face. I got started with skincare, which was just using a cleanser. And then I kind of [thought] like, “Oh, this is important for me to do. I should probably take care of my skin.” That’s where it all started. 

What is your daily skincare routine like? 

I start my mornings by using the CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser. Then I do their hydrating moisturizer lotion because my skin is dry. I wake up with dry skin and I go to sleep with dry skin. So I cleanse twice a day, sometimes three times depending on if I work out, but I use the hydrating cleanser.

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