Top 10 Organic Instagram Growth Strategies For Brand Building

Last updated on July 15th, 2022

Many brands around the world have been using Instagram to expand their audience. With around 2.5 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s growth may provide unique possibilities to attract people who are likely to become your clients. It is up to you how you approach them and encourage their participation in your postings to enhance customer engagement and build a brand.

Instagram is busier than ever before. Consequently, standing out and leaving a permanent impact on the audience has become more challenging. Valuable Instagram growth strategies play their role in making things easier. It is a method to increase your following without spending money on advertising. It entails implementing organic Instagram marketing tactics to boost the number of followers your brand has.

An organic Instagram growth method is a lifetime commitment that increases your brand’s recognition. Identifying and providing followers increases your follower count, providing organic Instagram growth.

Organic Instagram Growth Strategies for Brand Building

Gaining more followers and expanding your audience on Instagram can be easier for your company if you are aware of the best growth strategies for the platform. To aid you in getting started, we’ve compiled a list of ten great tactics you can begin adopting immediately.

01. Run Giveaways and Promotions

Instagram giveaways are a fantastic way to boost your following. You may anticipate higher involvement if you have more followers. And when your followers are engaged, they are more inclined to purchase from you. Thus, online freebies are an excellent method to quickly expand your brand, gain more followers, and reach new leads.

Consider organizing freebies weekly or monthly so that your fans look forward to them. In addition, weekly events will encourage customers to remain around and watch what’s coming next.

Organic Instagram Growth Strategies

On the other hand, promotions may help you create brand recognition, increase interaction with your target audience, and inspire people to discover more about your brand. Try organizing frequent contests and promos to increase your brand’s organic Instagram follower growth and user engagement.

It is followed by encouraging users to follow your account and other collaborating businesses. People tagging other users to win a contest are another great way to raise your brand’s name to snowball.

02. Make Sure Your Content Reaches A Vast Audience

Your Instagram profile is not the only thing that must be optimized for optimum exposure. Every post you upload should adhere to high-end SEO to increase the brand’s reach. Multiple marketing features inside each post boost the searchability of your top-notch content.

Instagram location tags are helpful but often neglected by the brands. When you add a location to your video or photo, you can let your followers know where you are without mentioning it in the caption. It improves your Instagram interaction rate, giving you more publicity and attracting customers without effort.

Instagram Growth

Moreover, you can increase your posts’ reach with new audiences by tagging relevant people in your Instagram posts. Tagging a company, an influencer, or a collaborator assists your posts in achieving new, related viewers on Instagram organically.

Using hashtags is another excellent way to SEO optimize your post. They aid in categorizing your content, making it more accessible to Insta users. In addition, using relevant hashtags may improve the chance of your content being seen by individuals who are already interested in what your brand offers.

You can boost the chances of your target audience viewing your content by implementing these easy modifications and adjustments to your Instagram posts. However, you can opt for the Instagram growth service to raise your brand’s voice quickly if budget isn’t a constraint.

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03. Say Yes To Cross-Platform!

Brands spend days refining their Instagram promotional campaign to make their posts go live with a slight increase in audience interaction. Unfortunately, low results lead to poor organic Instagram growth, leading brands to assume that their content isn’t excellent or people don’t like their brand. Try not to panic in this situation! There are plenty of Instagram strategies out of which promoting cross-platform is the one.

How frequently do you mention your Instagram account on your other social media channels? It is time to change and think out of the box. Many individuals have several social media accounts, and each site has its own set of qualities. Thus, emphasizing your Instagram presence on different platforms will enable you to reach diverse audiences.

Say Yes To Cross-Platform!

Direct your social media followers to your Instagram page for special deals or content. You can also use Pinterest, an aesthetic network, to increase the reach of Instagram posts that would otherwise have a limited shelf life on the platform’s busy feed.

There are other places for your brand to increase Instagram followers organically outside social media. For example, cross-platform promotion may be as simple as including prominent social networking icons in your website footer, email newsletter, or running paid ads such as programmatic advertising campaigns.

04. Try To Automate Conversations

Instagram launched as a platform for friends to publish and exchange content, but later on, it became a center for brands and firms to increase customer interaction. Instagram Messenger served as an excellent communication and marketing tool for brands to communicate with their clients. However, personally handling all of these interactions on a brand’s profile became complex with so many direct messages.

Automate Conversations

The automated Instagram message feature made it easy to share messages to your Instagram followers quickly and automatically without requiring any manual efforts on your behalf. Now you can automate client conversation from Instagram and focus on production and sales.

This way, customers may engage with your brand more easily through chat interactions. They may assist you in achieving organic Instagram growth and the company’s better reputation by making yourself accessible to your followers.

05. Make An Effort to Connect With Your Audience

Taking great care of your Instagram post size and design is essential for your presence. However, a successful social media page requires a strong connection with your audience to create a genuine brand identity. Likewise, if you want to boost your Instagram organic growth, it is time for you to improve your engagement with your followers.

For instance, if you get a remark, message, or tag from the audience, you should try to answer as soon as possible. Let your followers know you care for them by genuinely reacting to everything they say about your brand.

Make An Effort to Connect With Your Audience

Another way to engage with them is to see their Insta content. Find your follower’s accounts and begin liking and commenting on their posts. This promotes your name and enhances the likelihood that someone will find and follow you.

Instagram stories are a terrific method to accomplish audience interaction. It’s a great approach to engage your audience to participate more with your content because there are many fun stickers to employ.

Creating quizzes, polls, countdowns, and providing links to your products are some of the highly trendy Insta growth strategies to opt for.

06. Set Up An Instagram Shop

Creating an engaging label design or logo design is not enough to sell your products like hot cakes. Advertising and displaying on a busy platform are necessary to get your potential customer’s attention.

For this, online brands may use an Instagram shop to build an interactive storefront that combines a product catalog with an Instagram profile. The shopping tool allows users to browse items and even buy them easily.

There is an explanation as to why creating a business profile is recommended. To create an Instagram Shop, you’ll need a business profile. On your Instagram account, you will see a “View Shop” option, which allows people to visit your shop without viewing your every post. It will increase your customer’s convenience and make them see your profile repeatedly, making it a great organic Instagram growth strategy for your brand.

Thus, along with making your product attractive with the help of an Instagram logo maker or logo creator, you must also find ways to display them, out of which Instagram shop should be the top priority.

07. Don’t Forget To Invest In Influencers!

While the influencer industry has increased significantly in recent years, brands still benefit from an influencer approach. Micro-influencers have a lesser number of followers but a highly engaged audience. They have specific expertise and are frequently eager to collaborate with businesses that share their ideas.

Don't Forget To Invest In Influencers!

Working with them, particularly micro and nano-influencers enhances your company’s credibility. Your Instagram account will expand as people chat and post about your company to their followers.

Thus, partnering with an influencer that helps you establish a reputation while also introducing your company to new people is an excellent strategy to increase organic Instagram growth. So, make sure that contacting influencers from your business or industry and making them refer to your Instagram account is a part of your Instagram promotional campaign.

08. Instagram Insights

Instagram provides free analytics and insights to help you assess the efficiency of your posts and determine whether they are connecting with target users. It gives you information on your followers’ actions and behaviors and your content. This data makes it simple to evaluate the content, assess the performance of individual posts, and monitoring initiatives.

Instagram Insights

Knowing your followers’ choices and when they are active is necessary to deliver your content at the most optimal time with everything your followers appreciate watching. Instagram insights will help you achieve these goals and make your Instagram presence grow organically.

09. To Improve Your Bio, Use Highlights

Although you can use creative Instagram templates to develop a fantastic Instagram post design and stories, it is not enough to attract a new audience. Using these stories in your highlights is another excellent option. Instagram Highlights are Insta stories you select to keep on your profile forever.

When you save a story to your Highlight, it will remain accessible to the customers unless you delete it, making it a terrific way to keep your most popular tales alive. They are an excellent Instagram feature that you should frequently use to attract new people.

Use Highlights

Moreover, to make it catchier, you may build personalized covers for each of your highlight albums displayed beneath your bio. When used correctly, this adds a whole new dimension to your bio, providing potential followers with a wealth of information about your brand and why they should follow you on Instagram.

Brands use their Highlights to communicate news about their company, ideas, and creativity. The most pleasing thing is that they have Highlights for their clients to advertise specials and discounts. This is a fantastic approach to entice your Instagram followers to visit your profile more often.

10. Go Live

Instagram Live may benefit your company and should be included in your marketing plan. Users may broadcast live videos to their Instagram followers through their Stories using Instagram Live.

It is incredible for boosting user connection, getting in touch with them directly, and sharing news, building a solid foundation for your company. Live video can boost engagement, eventually resulting in positive outcomes.

Go Live

You might be thinking about what to do in a live video. You can collaborate with another brand to go live with you and tell followers about your new partnership. Show your followers a shoot of your new product or other BTS.

Hosting Q&A and talking to your clients is another great way to go live on Instagram. If you want organic Instagram growth, then this is the key.

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It is not simple to manage an influential Instagram business account, but you can create the most incredible opportunity to succeed with the appropriate strategies for organic growth. A vibrant, active brand profile with helpful information and active followers may help you convert the general public into customers. Your brand will get an enhanced reputation and expansion, resulting in improved earnings.

You will better understand how Instagram works for your brand as you use these tactics. So take a deep look at these valuable organic Instagram growth strategies for brand building and open your doors to success!

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