Top 10 Proven Tricks To Get Your Clients To Say “Yes” To Your Designs

Are you a graphic designer who fails to impress clients to hire your services? Many designers combat that problem and find it hard to take their careers forward. But there are proven tricks to drive clients’ attention to your skills and graphic design works so that they think of hiring you for your grand projects.

First, as a graphic designer, accept that nurturing your clients is your primary job besides creating the design pieces. You need to maintain a good relationship with clients so that they come back again to you with more job work.

Here Are The Top Proven Tricks To Make Your Clients Approve Your Design Works

01. Project Yourself As An Expert

Most designers fear failure and avoid expressing opinions when following their clients’ leads. This is because you treat clients as your master and yourself as their servant. That results in your submissive tone while talking or contacting a client.

So, rather than being a submissive designer, become someone who takes pride in what they design and show that they’re mentally strong. You must indicate that you’re an expert in your field, such as logo design.

A trick could be to keep them interested. Make clients guess what is coming next when you present your work. They like the presentation that gives them a sense of what will be the next thing. So, explain your design process and take them step-by-step to the end, where you finally complete the design.

That is how to be the dominant partner in your relationship with clients after establishing your expertise. Remember that clients are unsure if you were the right choice to do their project. So, you need to convince them that their decision to hire your services is correct. Ensure that you have researched your field well and that your business objectives are clear. Your priorities, analysis, and user expectations should be all known beforehand.

Also, back your statements with facts and third-party experts. Note down any suggestions that your client makes, such as custom logo design, so that you can refer back to them while doing the project.

02. Offer Innovative Alternatives

Clients are successful business owners who know their target audience and their businesses well. You cannot fool them by giving a carelessly-built presentation. They may not be good at what you do, but they understand what you are trying to say. So, respect them and keep a positive attitude during the presentation.

Whenever they offer some suggestions, you should not accept that right away. Instead, acknowledge them for the idea on a business logo, and then tactfully provide your alternative ideas. For example, just say that their opinion is reasonable, but here is a better alternative, or we can also try this idea. And make sure that you maintain your enthusiasm during the conversation.

Overall, get clients involved in the design process in its early phase to make them feel easy and associate themselves with it. When a designer brings the client into the design process, a client feels valued and vital and asks for suggestions.

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03. Define Your Client’s Role

What exactly is your client’s role in the design process? Make sure that your clients know their role during the design process. You will help them determine their role in the overall process. It may be that the client, for instance, does not know the company logo design process and is entirely new to it.

In that case, you should educate clients and define their roles. Set their limits and where they should be involved. When you explain the client’s role, the client can understand how he will help in each step of the process.

04. Bring The Client’s Focus To The Right Solutions

Another proven trick to making your client approve your design project is consistently bringing the client’s focus back to what you are presenting. But make sure that the client focuses on the solutions and not the problems. Generally, clients offer their opinion regarding their liking or disliking of color and other elements in a design.

Instead, make the client pay attention to the solution part of the problem. When that happens, the client will change the tone and express an opinion as a possible solution. You should also bring the client’s focus to business objectives and not on small details. Do not let the client be involved in the nitty-gritty of things.

Also, one of the tricks to keep clients away from personal views is to focus on users. They should be talking about users and from the point of view of their users. For instance, instead of saying that they do not like that particular element, they should be saying that their users may not like it.

When you send an email to clients, ask them how you think their users will respond to this and not what the client thinks.

05. Communicate Over The Phone

Although you can communicate with clients through a computer, hiding behind the screen may not always be a practical approach. There is no alternative to talking over the phone to make a personal conversation.

The phone is amongst the best devices for building a rapport with the person on the other end. Your client will like it if you talk friendly and positively, and your voice and tone can make a difference.

06. Be Confident

Clients will have faith in your design when they are confident about what you explain. If they smell that you are unsure about your design work, they will simply avoid working with you. So, do not display any uncertainty and weakness when communicating with clients. Stand firmly by your design work, such as a professional logo designer but do not show arrogance.

07. Avoid Challenging Your Client

While you want to appear as a confident graphic designer, do not challenge clients on an issue when they ask questions or insist on something you do not like. Many clients do not want designers challenging them, so they will immediately disconnect from you. Your chances of getting approval from such clients are bleak.

When you reject clients’ suggestions to improve your design, you challenge them. Instead, offer a solution tactfully. You can humbly ask them to re-examine the design and tell them it meets the business goals.

Just change your language from straightforward to suggestive when responding to their feedback. First, say that the client made a great suggestion and then tell them that your solution will benefit their business.

Next, just explain the benefits of your design approach. Say that you are making the necessary improvements as per their suggestions, but you should bring their focus back to the business goals that they discussed with you.

08. Explain In Easy Language

Do not use words that seem like technical jargon. Instead, you should prefer using layman’s terms. It will improve your client communication.

Instead of using technical words of your logo design service, such as ‘kerning’ and ‘bleed’ from the graphic design world, simply tell what you are talking about. Clients can easily follow your description and presentation. Moreover, a message in clear language will say something positive about your amiable personality.

09. Ask Questions

Do not think that clients will not like you asking them more questions. Many designers do not ask too many questions fearing that it will give the impression that they are incompetent. But the fact is that clients want graphic designers to ask questions.

Clients see such a designer who likes details and cares about clients’ business. You can surely ask clients questions about their preferences of colors, dimensions, shapes, styles, icons, etc.

10. Make Clients Know The Project’s Scope

As a designer, you would be putting a lot of effort and time into creating a unique design piece for your client. Make the client realize that in clear terms. You should tell the client about the time the project will take to complete and what will be the payment terms. Discuss the quality of work as well.

You should set all such terms and conditions beforehand so that the client can approve you for the project. Moreover, it will save you from clients interfering too much in your work, be it custom logos, banners, or other graphic design.

You can apply these proven tricks to get clients to approve your design works. Ensure that you keep the communications line open with your client and talk amicably.

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Wrapping Up

As a graphic designer, you can convince clients that design work is of great worth to their business. But you need to present yourself as an expert by offering innovative alternative solutions. Define your client’s role and bring the client’s focus back to the solutions and not problems. You should be confident but not challenge the client and not fear asking more questions.

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