Top 10 Youtube Channels For Filmmakers

Top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers

The filmmaking YouTube world is continuously evolving regarding video style, topic matter, and so forth. As a business, you never know what will be published or who will subscribe.

If you are new in the world of filmmaking or just looking to explore and see what this aspect has to offer, then we are happy to say you are at the right place. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as storytellers in filmmaking and on YouTube.

We know that there are many amazing filmmaking-oriented youtube channels with large viewers and even larger subscribers that have been making all the rave and noise. This, however, highlights several channels that we believe deserve greater attention. 

This in no way decreases the value of such channels, which are educational and interesting venues to absorb filmmaker-related content.

So, that being said, let’s dive into the top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers.

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Top 10 Youtube Channels For Filmmakers

Learning filmmaking through videos on youtube is wonderful. Getting that hands-on, demonstration-based approach to filming is critical. 

That is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers. We’ve included channels on filmmaking and the film industry, as well as others about video production and the financial side of both.

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Some of them will be familiar YouTube channels you might have come across once or twice, while others may be completely new and unfamiliar.

We’ll give a link to each youtube channel as well as some background information about the channel and what they specialize in. We’ve also included some popular videos from each channel so you know what to expect from each account. 

So, let’s get started.

#1. Tyler Edwards

  • Subscribers: 15.6k
  • Views: 1,697,013 views

His videos generally focus on gear from companies like Blackmagic and Aperture, and he frequently gets into the nitty-gritty with features of the equipment, letting you—the viewer—make an informed decision before purchasing the equipment mentioned above.

Tyler, we believe, is aimed at the full-time cinematographer and filmmaker who presumably operates a small production firm, rather than content makers wanting to generate the next viral sensation.

Tyler is an excellent channel to follow if you need to know the ins and outs of the best gear in the market, and this is why we felt he needed to be part of our top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers.

You can also check out some of his most viewed videos below

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#2. Jacques Crafford

  • Subscribers: 100k
  • Views: 2,917,105 views

With 100,000 subscribers, Jacques Crafford has already established a following in the YouTube filmmaking scene. His films include photography skills, color grading instructions, and behind-the-scenes looks at projects he has worked on.

Jacques’ films are informal, with clear, helpful information, many themes, and an impressive portfolio of work. There’s no way we could have left this one out of our top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers.

Jacques offers a fantastic collection of one-of-a-kind stuff that will motivate you to learn more and better what you currently know.


Check out some of his amazing content in the video links below

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#3. Cinematography Database

  • Subscribers: 284k
  • Views: 7,521,777 views

When it comes to the top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers, Matt Workman’s excellent Cinematography Database channel shouldn’t be left behind. But, like any inventive artist, his work has evolved and adapted with each month.

As a result, what began as a “cinematography deep-dive” has evolved into an emphasis on the future of filmmaking—virtual production.

Matt has not only invented and constructed a game for pre-visualization called “Cine Tracer,” but he is now going into Unreal Engine content, explaining how to film and operate a virtual production from the comfort of your home.

Never question Matt Workman’s ability to lead the charge to new heights in filmmaking.

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#4. Spenser Sakurai

  • Subscribers: 50.4k
  • Views: 3,395,402 views

The beauty of YouTube is that you can now find creators to whom you can relate while also learning.

Spenser Sakurai is a great example of taking a hard subject, such as cinematography or color grading and making it approachable and consumable.

The channel does everything it wants, including occasionally going into shot recreations.

The best part is that you’ll learn something new by the end of the video, regardless of what the channel publishes. This is one of the top youtube channels for filmmakers.

Check out some of his epic video uploads below

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#5. Sjoerd Wess

  • Subscribers: 13.7k
  • Views: 769,313 views

Sjoerd Wess, who is based in the Netherlands, produces a lot of high-quality and instructive stuff on his YouTube channel. With only 13.7K followers, it’s surprising he doesn’t have much more subscribers and views!

Most of his work focuses on improving your ability to film, edit, and generate content. Check out his editing program breakdowns, how he organizes his movies and on-set setups, what he puts in his suitcase for shoots, and how to make lighting work for you, to name a few.

Sjoerd has a diverse range of stuff from which anybody may learn and enjoy. Sjoerd is a must-watch youtube channel for filmmakers.

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Below are some of his highly rated content

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#6. Gerald Undone

  • Subscribers: 332k
  • Views: 31,527,163 views

Every active YouTube viewer should subscribe to Gerald Undone as one of the top youtube channels for filmmakers. 

In my opinion, following a creative who consistently uploads and offers his voice to happenings in the business and community is invaluable.

Expect to discover the newest software developments, lessons, reviews, and general filmmaking insights from one of the platform’s fastest-growing personalities, who frequently upload at least twice a week.

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Check out some of his exclusive content with the links below

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#7. Amy Creighton

  • Subscribers: 3.1k
  • Views: 307,465 views

Amy is the creator of Foxtail Productions, an Australian professional video production company. She creates a variety of films on her YouTube channel, including lessons, equipment rundowns, and evaluations of the latest budget-friendly video gear.

While she only has 3.1K subscribers, the YouTube cinematography/filmmaker field appears to lack female representation, with most scenes’ creators being male.

Amy’s most prominent subject on the channel is gear comparisons, which provide tremendous advantages and negatives for anybody on the fence or undecided about which piece of gear to buy. In contrast, she expresses her genuine and candid viewpoint.

Overall, this is an excellent channel to follow if you’re beginning into cinematography or want to make your first production online on a budget. And a highly recommended must-watch youtube channel for filmmakers.

Check out some of her amazing content using the links below

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#8. PremiumBeat

  • Subscribers: 204k
  • Views: 51,188,364 views

For years, PremiumBeat has been producing actionable material. However, the recent work has looked better than ever as the artists have discovered their voices and skills, teaching some of the most fundamental principles of the art form.

There’s something here for everyone, regardless of ability level, whether it’s how to operate a camera, record sound, or edit a movie. This reason and more is why we recommend PremiumBeat as one of the top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers.

Check out some content using the links below and see if this is the right fit.

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#9. Moji Wilson

  • Subscribers: Not listed
  • Views: 209,819 views

Moji’s video production is amazing. Even when he’s discussing the theme of the video to the camera, it’s filmed wonderfully with a natural backdrop and lighting, or inside his house, and it’s super-clean and doesn’t feel over-processed with sharp contrasts and colors.

The material is a diverse mix of behind-the-scenes, filmmaker guidance, personal reflection, and gear roundups.

His channel views are minimal compared to others on the list, but the quality of his images and material suggests that he should have a much larger audience.

Moji’s content is deserving of the top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers.

Highly recommend checking out Moji’s content and subscribing to his channel.

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#10. Of Two Lands

  • Subscribers: 33.3k
  • Views: 4,391,871 views

Florent Piovesan, also known as Of Two Lands on the internet, is a French/Australian filmmaker and photographer located between the French Alps and Sydney, Australia.

His love of the outdoors and filmmaking combine to create some spectacular footage for the site.

Florent’s channel has over 30K followers, and he frequently posts new and fascinating videos. He disassembles and examines gear, offers useful and honest advice on topics that have molded his filmmaking career, and provides plenty of test videos from some of the most powerful cameras available today.

Check out some of his filmmaking tips in the videos below and subscribe.

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We hope that you find our list of the top 10 youtube channels for filmmakers to be informative and helpful.

You are welcome to check out the channels, watch the videos they have uploaded in the past, choose which ones speak to you the most, and subscribe.

It is a good idea to have three to ten channels you go to consistently and learn something new each time you go there.

Happy watching!

FAQs About the Youtube Channels For Filmmakers

What YouTube channels are examples of great editing?

We have compiled a list of the most helpful YouTube channels for editing videos and producing films.
Justin Odisho.
Kai W.
The Film Look.
Kaptain Kristian.
Peter McKinnon.

Which name is best for the YouTube channel?

Using both your first and last name as your Channel Name is the technique that is the least complicated and the most common. And if you want to be the “face” of your channel, this strategy will work really well for you. Take, for instance, the case of Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur who has built a powerful personal brand.

What type of YouTube channels grows the fastest?

With a year-on-year increase in subscribers of 279.5 percent, the Movies and TV category on YouTube was the one with the fastest growth worldwide in the year 2020.
The next most popular answer was pertaining to entertainment, with 180.6 percent, followed by pets, which received 178 percent of the vote.

What is the best YouTube channel to learn Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro Users Should Subscribe to These Five Channels on YouTube
Motion Array.
Justin Odisho.
Premiere Gal.
The Best Adobe Premiere Pro Quick Tips.
Terry White.

Which app is best for video editing?

The very finest applications for editing videos
Quik. (Image via App Store)
Adobe Premiere Rush. (Image via App Store)
iMovie. (Image via Apple)
WeVideo. (Image via App Store)
Clips. (Image via Apple)
Splice. (Image via App Store)
Vimeo Create. (Image via Vimeo)
KineMaster. (Image via Google Play)



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